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  1. It was one of my favorites of the year for sure but it took a few listens before I was able to really get into it
  2. I haven't listened to them in a while...don't know why because this new song is killer. I'm in for pink and white too.
  3. I'd take Riot on either color (preferably black). It's the only Paramore record I still need...Can't message you.
  4. I was watching them a few weeks ago and saw you and your buddies
  5. There is a band called Brand New and some religious record about the devil and God
  6. Mine left Phoenix yesterday and is expected to arrive in CT on the 17th
  7. Chords is amazing and I think it might be growing to be my favorite too...so hard to pick
  8. I would certainly bet that it will grow on you. If not, Pneuma all day baby.
  9. I strongly disagree - especially with the sections that carry backup vocals and harmonies (which is basically a part of every song). Again, I think it's going to disappoint the Waves crowd as we discussed in earlier pages due to the absence of the yelling and more aggressive vocals. There are definitely some aggressive sections that are more subtle than in the past...
  10. I think the vocals are dreamy and fit perfectly with the music. You're bland....just kidding. But I'm really trying to find something I don't like about the album and the only issue I have so far is that it's not long enough. Each listen I am picking up additional layers and riffs that I missed on the previous listen. I can see how this album may be boring to some people but I like listening to some more reserved stuff when I'm not rocking the f out. There are definitely a few sections on the album to rock out to but a lot of it is very soothing - especially with the slower sections and the vocals that you thought were a "wash". Some people want Waves 2.0 and it sucks to be them. This is a masterpiece in my opinion and I already enjoy it as much as any of the work these guys have done.
  11. My favorites are Burn Pile, Hands, Eastern Leaves, and Chords. This album turned out to be pretty rad.

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