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  1. That's a lottt of variants I think I'm gonna skip the PO but excited for the new album
  2. i refuse to check but if there's no animal crackers in my soup i ain't fuckin w/ it
  3. Finally tracked down an original copy last year, double dipped and bought this too. One of my all time favorite records https://b-l-a-c-k-i-e.com/album/gen-2012 /100
  4. My copy of Igor sounds fine?? It's been a little bit but I was happy with it for like the 12 bucks from Amazon or w/e it was
  5. They asked for a pic and then just sent me a full refund so that's tight
  6. Sent them an email before spinning it, listening now and even without damage just not impressed with the sound quality at all this + Open Mike Eagle's Dark Comedy press this week I'm 0/2 Dark Comedy was wayyyyyy worse though
  7. Wish I waited even more now, my copy arrived in terrible shape after shipping
  8. Blue is still sold out, I'm just hopeful with a wide release it'll go down lol
  9. Black copy available everywhere & UO exclusive cover now up for PO! Glad to have a chance to get this, just unsure which to grab Likely going to see if the blue drops in price after they ship next month
  10. Literally the first RSD ever where I didn't buy a single thing, dope I debated on grabbing the Blue Velvet soundtrack but I hate the cover and won't listen to it enough to justify it
  11. I think you're fine I know some collectors get very nitpicky but the process isn't a guarantee and I don't know, I never fully expect or care that my record color looks like the mock-up but I also don't collect variants like that so I'm prob not the right demographic anyway
  12. https://golfwang.com/collections/new/products/call-me-if-you-get-lost-vinyl?variant=41398626812076 Back up? Just ordered one
  13. I feel that but I also just called my shop and they said they weren't allocated any so who knows I'll probably pull the trigger at the end of the day, still just a lil pricey for me to justify rn
  14. The locked grooves on Frances are really great found myself just zoning out listening
  15. Isn't De-Loused pressed through the same plant? My 1st replacement by them sounded identical, I haven't opened the 2nd one yet, was just planning on selling them both and funding the clouds hill one tbh
  16. VMP finally came in I don't even feel like listening to these records right now but feel obliged to check the quality
  17. That's sick, I've been hoping for a solar gambling repress
  18. Some of my students are arguing with me about using TikTok as a source rn so you're good tbh
  19. I've reused the same small U-Haul boxes for two moves, both were totally fine. I absolutely hate moving them but nothing was damaged.
  20. felt mad cheesy and forced caught it live and it was equally butt but to each their own
  21. There's a lot of albums that sat at like $12 for the longest time that are finally going up, I didn't notice until I checked out my Carissa's Wierd stuff the other night anyway, glad folks have a chance to grab this--i did not like the last record they put out at all but this album still holds up

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