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  1. Multiverse

    PO NOW: Kanye West - Ye

    Darn, should've waited
  2. I woke up hungover having completely forgotten about this release. Haphazardly checking Facebook on the toilet, I saw a post about it and copped the /250. No regrets!
  3. Multiverse

    PO NOW: Kanye West - Ye

    Totally fair, I'm probably giving it too much praise because I feel like I often overpay for single LPs, I think I just did with the new Death Grips also, the Yeezus bootleg I copped was cheaper "new"
  4. Multiverse

    PO NOW: Kanye West - Ye

    Liked this significantly more than TLOP and a bit more than Yeezus, ordered immediately also that price was really great
  5. Realistically I'm not going to play this thing, the jacket/design just isn't my thing and I'm pretty sure if I hold onto it I'm just going to fuck it up. Trade me something cool for it! Looking for: New MBV represses Alex Zhang Hungtai (Not Trouble, Badlands, or Stateless) Xiu Xiu (predominantly Always, Dear God I hate Myself, Plays the Music of Twin Peaks etc, all 7"s welcome too) Tobacco Black Moth Super Rainbow Honestly, there's a whole bunch of "cheap" albums I'm trying to fill some gaps with so hit me up and I'll look at some lists. Let's trade so we both actually listen to our records, that'd be a cool. Also want to trade this Anthony Green Studio Session LP, /700 Clear with Pink and Green Splatter Would take $18ppd *unplayed* or a trade for Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks new album!
  6. Good stuff! Bummed I missed a few of em'
  7. Damn, I had that TFB tape but sold it a long while ago
  8. Lordie, I got 4 records in today and just purchased this too.
  9. Multiverse

    Athletics - BFRSD

    If anyone one is looking for a copy, I'm down to trade Would be into the new Loveless repress or something
  10. Yeah maybe, going to wait to see the sound quality first
  11. Ah darn, I would have copped the black instead of the ugly silver/gray H'ohwell
  12. Multiverse

    [For Sale] Macintosh Plus - Floral Shoppe

    This is embarrassing.
  13. Yeaaaaah, I know Merzy has gained a lot of traction over the years but I wasn't sure it was going to sell out in like a minute flat I probably would have missed this if I didn't follow people's anticipation on here
  14. oof, skipped on that deluxe--trying to get into Eurorack and couldn't spring the extra $31 for some goodies I won't use got that spiral blast tho
  15. Multiverse

    PO Now: Planning For Burial - Quietly

    From Flenser I think I'm going to go for the bone in bone/$17.50 option for $$ sake but I'm stoked. Thom is a great dude, happy to cop whatever he puts out
  16. You can just go ahead and skip over this release.