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  1. Excited to own this one. I don't buy mondo stuff much anymore as it's all pretty junk now. But this looks awesome. However I'm not excited to see what this will cost shipped to Canada.
  2. Same thing happened to me, I am not sure If I care enough to contact them. Usually I'm not a big splatter fan either but this one turned out ok. EDIT it's also odd that only 35 people have this in their collection and 144 have the splatter on discogs.
  3. 26$ USD shipping to Canada. Comes out to 58 USD or 80CAD. Wild.
  4. What a joke. I just wanted to see a repress of what it is to burn.
  5. Wheel of time was alright to me, but I don't know anything about the world or source material. It had that "made for TV vibe" but I want invested in it enough to care. But LOTR should not have that vibe and it sadly does. The trailers have looked like they could be perfume commercials or something.
  6. ETR has to have the worst Records Bought to Records Played ratio of all time. Who wakes up and wants to listen to the Cube.
  7. Nice, I will be grabbing that when I see a US/CAN link. My least fav bled album I think, but the remaster was pretty cool.
  8. Was so-so on the first single. This one however, crushes.
  9. I think it fits in that Crisis/Old Crows area, unfortunately I am not that into those albums. But I didn't have high expectations because of that.
  10. Yea its all perspective. That's not a common practice anymore. Of all my records, maybe 2 are actually a full analog experience, which is unfortunate.
  11. Just got mine as well. Haven't been this excited for a record in a while. This album was recorded analog to the floor correct? Wish we could get a true analog cut, that would be amazing.
  12. Was this for the retail version or the Furnace fest version?
  13. Going for the splatter. 20$ extra for silver seems a bit excessive.
  14. Man, NJ was a band I had all but given up on when the anti mother dropped. But last year I gave All Hail a go and it fucked rocked. Guess I'm back in.
  15. "We will continue the celebration with SHAZAM!, DOOM PATROL seasons 1 and 2, and a reissue of John Williams' 1978 masterwork SUPERMAN, with more hopefully arriving later in the year. "
  16. All I want is Finch - What it is to burn.
  17. I wonder if silent treatment will be the remastered version they did last year.