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  1. Mine has been in my possession for a while. with that being said, I missed out on WDNTW acoustic. If anyone has the hook up pls help me out!!!
  2. Some really solid music on there. My personal recommendation is My Ticket Home “Strangers Only”. Great record to check out for $10!
  3. Okay - so to clear the air - as soon as Kristian read my post, I received a message asking for my story, asking how LTO could make it right for me, and overall being super accommodating. I want to express that LTO's service is really awesome. I was so excited going into it, and not only have they sent me records, but also a poster that I plan to hang on my wall for the next 20+ years of my life. I think if there is anyone on the fence about the service, it is absolutely worth giving it a try. For me, the reason I signed up for it was because I live too far away from actually visiting the
  4. I wish more artists could do this. I feel like it’s difficult because turn around times on vinyl take forever- but I loved subscribing to the LTO patreon at first. I unsubscribed because it turned into a bad experience, but it was really cool not having an idea what I was going to receive.
  5. I just refreshed the Denzel 7” on discogs and eBay for like 5 minutes straight and lucked out on a $15 copy on discogs... I’ll take the W and spend $20 on a 7” lol.
  6. If anyone doesn’t want their slipmat, hook me up!!! Lol
  7. It’s up for everyone. I’m not a patron and I just was able to get it.
  8. That's exactly what we would have had to do. I knew I wanted AGO records, and I absolutely cherish Quitter like you wouldn't believe. I knew it was risky to go for that one first knowing there was more copies of it available and also knowing it is a less popular album than The Season, but had I missed out on it I would have felt pretty disappointed. Now the search really begins!
  9. I think it's cool that they did this at all. I'm much happier to see these albums sold for reasonable prices on their webstore rather than potentially having to outbid someone on the one singular copy available. I wish more labels would do this. I am also extremely thankful that I went through the struggles of the previous odds and ends sale they did because I knew to just quickly cash out as soon as I got a record into my cart this time.
  10. That was rough. I got a few that I wanted - but I missed out on The Season which is a huge bummer. On a positive note, more copies of The Season are out there now for me to potentially buy from someone! So, if anyone is down to sell that, hit me up!!! I am so thankful I got Quitter and Movement at least!
  11. I need to get at least the Quitter test but praying for all 3 AGO tests !!!
  12. I tried the password and it didn’t work... what the heck? I was order 1008 originally! This is kinda frustrating edit: I’m dumb thank u
  13. People on Facebook are saying this is going to be live performances not the original recordings... any truth to that?

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