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  1. If anyone reading this has a copy of American candy at a decent price I’m in the market as well. I saw someone on a fb merch board post post a bunch of her stuff for sale, pioneer was on there, but it was hella expensive - although I’m sure just in general it is pretty expensive
  2. There was a surprising amount of stock at one of the record stores I went to. They were even surprised about how much was left this late at night. Ended up getting all the records I wanted!! Also, looks like Discogs price for Manchester is going down?
  3. I just walked into my local UO last week and grabbed DNCE for $5, the Used Canyon for $10, new Pianos become the teeth for $10 and K Flay for $15. It was so awesome. K Flay was the one I was most excited for.
  4. and at that time specifically we all agreed that it was underpriced. Someone messed up at that time. $50/6 is just over $8 per album. This is a bundle of records priced where they realistically would be priced without being bundled together.
  5. I would imagine that the color POP is referring to the fact that the covers ARE discolored, leading to a POP of color once you open up the records themselves... which is exactly what you're saying.
  6. Must be a new development. Code worked for me just fine. I ended up spending $213 or something like that. I still feel like I have to unload most of my DGD records to fund this.
  7. I received my copy a couple weeks ago now. I ordered the sea glass variant, not sure if it makes a difference.
  8. Glad they pressed this. Bought a copy. Someone sell me their first record, thanks!!! Listened to this album for the first time in a long time after buying it, and had no idea Aaron Gillespie is on a track. Haha.
  9. With a pressing that large, I’d imagine i’ll pick it up on Amazon eventually.