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  1. That's exactly what we would have had to do. I knew I wanted AGO records, and I absolutely cherish Quitter like you wouldn't believe. I knew it was risky to go for that one first knowing there was more copies of it available and also knowing it is a less popular album than The Season, but had I missed out on it I would have felt pretty disappointed. Now the search really begins!
  2. I think it's cool that they did this at all. I'm much happier to see these albums sold for reasonable prices on their webstore rather than potentially having to outbid someone on the one singular copy available. I wish more labels would do this. I am also extremely thankful that I went through the struggles of the previous odds and ends sale they did because I knew to just quickly cash out as soon as I got a record into my cart this time.
  3. That was rough. I got a few that I wanted - but I missed out on The Season which is a huge bummer. On a positive note, more copies of The Season are out there now for me to potentially buy from someone! So, if anyone is down to sell that, hit me up!!! I am so thankful I got Quitter and Movement at least!
  4. I need to get at least the Quitter test but praying for all 3 AGO tests !!!
  5. I tried the password and it didn’t work... what the heck? I was order 1008 originally! This is kinda frustrating edit: I’m dumb thank u
  6. Lmao thank you I was under the impression it was OOP and hard to find. Sometimes discogs isn’t as helpful as I need it to be!
  7. People on Facebook are saying this is going to be live performances not the original recordings... any truth to that?
  8. Going to the link from the email - it looks like the site isn’t 100% up yet... maybe they planned to do the twitch stuff then drop the merch or something after it?
  9. What a haul this would be. Wish I was in the area. There’s a few of these I really want.
  10. I felt misled by the email they sent out. They said that you had time to checkout with the items in your cart, and if you didn’t within a few minutes they’d be released to others. So, I figured I was getting really lucky adding items to my cart assuming that meant the website was telling others they couldn’t even be added to their carts because they were already in shopping carts. Of course, it’s not the end of the world, but at least I know this going into next time I am shopping a limited run webstore.
  11. I might end up doing that if I can't get my hands on a copy that is already out there! I want to get all of Billie's discography and I started far too late. There's so many limited items that I am doubtful I will ever have a chance to get. Insanity.
  12. I am looking to buy the Billie live at third man record, and I’m willing to pay a lot for it but the eBay prices for like $150 are a little high for me knowing they’re about to have a decent sized RSD release. Anyone here able to hook me up?
  13. I missed out on the /200 and I’m pretty disappointed. I got caught up at work and it’s such a bummer. Hopefully I can find it for a reasonable price.