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  1. I was so frustrated at the $50 price tag but knew I’d regret not buying it. Love that band too much.
  2. Thank you! I have the first press as well now, but I totally bought this as well
  3. Strangers Only might be a top 10 Rise release ever and if you’ve never heard it, you really should give it a listen!!! I bought 4 of these releases- now I can sell my TDWP double record because I have both Dear Love & Plagues on their own finally
  4. Debating on buying the baby blue and trading the /200 copy I got. That’s such a nice looking photo Banquet posted. I love the tour variant as well. The /200 is dope but the yellow is basically one tiny spot lol.
  5. I just got home from the record store after buying the Pain 7”, Salt Sweat Sugar, and Big Casino. I realized... I am just getting started with their discography aside from the LP’s. I have all of their records but none of their 10” or 7” records aside from Stay On My Side Tonight. There’s a lot of stuff available on discogs/eBay but they’re all scattered through different sellers. So, I’m mainly looking to buy multiple at once to avoid many different $5 shipping charges. Let me know if you have any for sale!
  6. That’s really impressive. I literally watched as one sat on discogs for I think $70 for what felt like a really long time. Then, I saw one on a merch blog selling for $55 shipped which I wanted to pull the trigger on but held back. It doesn’t surprise me that it sold for more, but I think sometimes I feel for the buyers who don’t look hard enough. i’d be Interested in hearing some more of your sales. You had a damn good list of uncommon stuff!
  7. If they are legitimately being honest about the prices being so expensive, it kind of is a testament to their inexperience. I have seen people online dangling the first press of popaganda at prices not much higher than $50, and it's not selling quick. I think if the price dropped down to $30 for both, with a bundle of the two selling for like $50, I'm sure they would sell at least... decently well. STILL, I view this as an extremely niche market. Head Automatica wasn't a gigantic name at their peak, and you're asking for $50 for the album that doesn't have their biggest song on it. I know anything Darryl is associated with is pretty much guaranteed to get sales, but yeah, I'd be interested in Popaganda at $30. I've been tempted to message people recently selling the first press, offering $40, but I probably wouldn't pay more than that. Add me into the list of people who paid less than $15 for Decadence years ago. I remember a couple years back when that one guy came in here with Hidden in Plain View's "Life In Dreaming" and had to actively try to defend his price tag on it... it was like $20-25 range. This is actually an insane pricetag for those two albums.
  8. Shipping was $7.99 for me. Purchased anyway because I am excited to buy this record, but not stoked on that aspect of it.
  9. I would imagine it’s because he wanted more than what he told me his low end was, but he realized I was serious about it when I offered what I offered to him, and he respected that. I don’t mind people asking for offers- it used to bug me like crazy, but I’ve done it a few times and once was offered double the price I would have put the record up for sale at in the first place. At this point, discogs medians can typically price your records for you anyway.
  10. I messaged someone recently on here about records. I sent an offer that was competitive in the sense that if he really wanted money he could have accepted it, and he responded saying that he’d probably sell for nothing less than x different price. I thought it was really bold and awesome of him to tell me straight up that he would prefer this other amount. Ultimately, my offer was also my “max bid” and we didn’t strike a deal. Still, I look back and think that it was awesome he was pretty straight up with what he wanted. In this circumstance, hearing a number coming back my way from the seller would have been beneficial because I’d at least know what you’re looking for. Sure, $130 mag not be enough to get a sale, but what about $145? Maybe the buyer was willing to pay that? What if the buyer was down to pay that $160 because at least it’s the 3 records the buyer wants all shipped together rather than adding $12-15 extra on shipping? Who knows
  11. If anyone reading this has a copy of American candy at a decent price I’m in the market as well. I saw someone on a fb merch board post post a bunch of her stuff for sale, pioneer was on there, but it was hella expensive - although I’m sure just in general it is pretty expensive