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  1. I had a super busy day at work and completely forgot about it. The next day I checked AoF’s webstore and it was sold out. dine alone had copies but it was going to be over $50 after shipping and that felt wrong. In hindsight, I probably should have jumped on it.
  2. That’s so nice looking. I am considering it but I already have this album… I need another Crisis repress!! Lol.
  3. A few of the represses have been really necessary represses. Some Nights was reaching high resale levels, Take This To Your Grave was long overdue. Cute is What We Aim For was expensive af. I know some pressings of All We Know Is Falling got pretty expensive too. this is by far the coolest release they’ve dropped, though. It’s gotta be their biggest record, no? Good Girls Go Bad felt huge for far longer than it needed to be. hopefully this is the start of more cobra releases.
  4. lmao I purchased like 15 things between the different RSD dates this year and I couldn’t find a single thing on this list that I would buy. I already have No Time To Die, I don’t need another copy. What a list!
  5. This was my literal pickup too. So silly considering it is /75 on the test but here we are.
  6. I’m kinda shocked you were able to snag The Things… I picked up Separation right as the deal was supposed to start but the things was already crossed out and that was the one I really wanted. I set an alarm for 3 AM for it lmao. still waiting on it to get to me though. I received a notification that it had begun shipping yesterday or the day before!
  7. I did all of my shopping this year from my cell phone because I’m in the middle of a long drive. picked up HAIM from Zia refreshed discogs enough to grab a retail priced copy of Thrice + Ariana. picked up Alk3 for $28 on eBay somehow. Just trying to get senses fail now. Insanity.
  8. This is one of those lists I’m just disappointed in seeing because it’s sooo dope!! Love what you’ve got here. That had to take a long time to acquire
  9. To be fair, it isn’t just this thread I’ve seen it in recently!!! I didn’t mean to call just you out on it. I apologize lol. I remember going to absolutepunk in high school and being super discouraged when I wanted to talk about music only to see people trashing the artists I had started listening to and even making fun at the OP making the threads and stuff. It just bums me out because this brings me back to how I felt back then, lol. I get it though, there’s plenty of art being made that is probably overall better than this album, I think nostalgia plays a huge role in this band continuing to exist.
  10. Copped instantly. I wish I could hear a song now so I knew what to expect, but I’ll continue supporting these guys. I’m betting they don’t have rights to the original version of this- and fans are paying money secondhand for it, so why not re-record it and at least give them *something*? I feel like people here are so negative over nothing sometimes lol. What can ya do
  11. Impressed if that’s all you have left for Jimmy Eat World. I’m down to needing 13-15 releases.
  12. I actually didn’t know the price it was 7 years ago, but I feel like in my time here pricing on releases has always been a polarizing subject lol- that’s the only reason I mentioned it. Trust me, I am completely fine with dropping $45, $55, or even $110 (for the more expensive version with shipping on this release) if it means I can own this thing. being a pretty big fan, it’s really cool in the first place, but the whole concept of this record is just really wild with the three colors, pieces, whatever. One of a kind in my collection, for sure!
  13. I hope to god my order goes through lmao. I love how no one even bothers complaining about the $45 price tag for it either

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