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  1. I received my copy a couple weeks ago now. I ordered the sea glass variant, not sure if it makes a difference.
  2. Glad they pressed this. Bought a copy. Someone sell me their first record, thanks!!! Listened to this album for the first time in a long time after buying it, and had no idea Aaron Gillespie is on a track. Haha.
  3. With a pressing that large, I’d imagine i’ll pick it up on Amazon eventually.
  4. Was excited for this until I saw the price point. If it was even just $40 I’d still consider it. I am sure there will be other preorder options soon enough.
  5. If anyone wants to unload an OG pressing, shoot me a price!
  6. i have felt sellers remorse for a long time. I almost didn't even buy the OG one, because at the time I wasn't a *huge* fan of Circa and it was a used copy that my local FYE had for sale. I knew it was OOP but I think the going rate online was only like $30, and I almost decided to leave it hoping a bigger fan would pick it up. I eventually traded it on here for a copy of Dig Up The Dead by Mansions, which got repressed right after, and BSN ended up skyrocketing in price shortly after and I never was able to buy it again. Side note, I'm in the minority where I prefer single LPs simply because it is so much more annoying to flip the record every 3 songs.
  7. had clear blue in my cart and was going through checkout only for them to cancel it on me because it sold out. annoying that it didn't like... save one in my cart once i put it in there, but oh well.
  8. Kyle_ftl

    I Think I'm Gonna Quit The Hobby

    I think it just depends on what people consider "damaged". There's a huge difference between a warped record and a seam split. I have received records that have minor bumps in the corners of the jacket, or seam splits, it never really bothers me because the record itself is in great condition and I realize that the jackets being made out of paper, no matter how thick, will be prone to some sort of damage in a process that involves packaging, shipping, human delivery system, etc. I understand why people get upset, I've had a couple of records with major bends to the jackets, and it's especially frustrating when you spend a decent amount of money only to have the record show up with some sort of cosmetic issues, but man... to get upset enough to want to stop collecting altogether? That would be a bummer.
  9. I pre-ordered like 500 copies of this album, but yet somehow managed to miss a few variants that keep popping up and my god why did I buy so many variants?!?! the excitement was too much.
  10. Kyle_ftl

    Taking Offers on Trade List

    it's been a minute since my last sale, shoot me a message!
  11. Kyle_ftl

    Taking Offers on Trade List

    bump on a Thursday
  12. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dyLTf1QfIfOh6afvBMhL2DF5dibZ_nJ1A_qPij3r6wM/edit#gid=0 Posted the google docs link here.
  13. Kyle_ftl

    Taking Offers on Trade List

    buuuuump. ready to get more sent out! hit me up