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  1. So unbelievably proud to announce Babirusa for SCRDD001 !! Their absolute killer album Humanoid is coming to vinyl! Limited to 175 Copies total, it will be split across 4 Variants /75 Purple/Green Starburst Clash /50 Clear /25 Humanoid (Circuit Board and Purple Liquid Filled) /25 Hallucination (A crazy variant made by the plant with a select range of colours) Current timeframe from the plant is 4 months ish On Sale 3:00pm Friday AEST (BRISBANE) 14th October 2022 via www.stiffcutrecords.com.au Get those fast fingers ready!!! see you then !
  2. depends what you want TBH marantz has SLIGHTLY more power @ 8ohms more accuracy between channels specs SAY more freq bandwidth nad has bluetooth https://www.crutchfield.com/S-pPc2Xmv3Um1/compare_642PM5005_745D3020V2/Marantz-PM5005-vs-NAD-D-3020-V2.html
  3. yeh my freind just copped the Pro and BOY its niiiiiice!!!! the cart on them is pretty mmuch a direct copy of the 2m blue ... but yeh its up to you .. i think an excellent investment would be a litle 8" or 10" active sub with the crossovers built into it ... (go amp > sub > speakers) some actives come with a foot switch to turn it on and off incase you like the sound of no sub for certain records.. but at the end of the day, you cannot go wrong with project ... whatever way you go, it will be a killer setup!
  4. why dont you upgrade the platter to acrylic, upgrade the cart to a 2mblue and get a platter puck? the tubes look cool as hell but will you notice a difference in sound between the current phono box, phono box s2 or the tube box?? probably not ... is there a reason you dont use the sony's phono input? those polks are nice.. have you considered adding an active woofer into the mix???
  5. Hey All Self plug https://www.stiffcutrecords.com.au/ Monday 5:00pm AEST Brisbane Time im dropping orders for Sedative - Death Romantic. Hand Made Hand Cut Lathes Standard Clear /10 https://ibb.co/xJ7m681 Stained Soul (Red and Black Swirl) /10 https://ibb.co/sF80KfJ StiffCut Records Alt Cover /5 https://ibb.co/wdFSwSy Four Chambers of a Dying Heard (Quad Chamber Liquid Fill) /5 https://ibb.co/zsLbfJT Each Variant has a different cover limit 1 of each variant per household
  6. ive heard the impericon solid blue is different due to NO die-cut cover...
  7. get any player (cheapest you can find really) BUT it must have adjustable counterweight and antiskate ... that will minimise damage to the records (once set correctly).. then you can look at diffent carts etc .. but getting a player with those 2 things is key in long term record listening . the amp and speakers should be fine for now.. definitely upgrade ya player
  8. i fell in love with the band after hearing the EP and Blessed Be ... but hey not everyone has to like the same band
  9. Constance Single https://spiritbox.com/collections/vinyl/products/sptbconscl-lp
  10. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B096TJMSCV/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?_encoding=UTF8&amp%3Bqid=&amp%3Bsr=&fbclid=IwAR38dmSZzOPp2bLc4UKgR9MQEAsfZjdvyEHsc6Kur1f81_839FEMz5AQOaY&ref_=tmm_fbs_vnl_title_1
  11. https://www.impericon.com/de/spiritbox-eternal-blue-blue-eternal-colored-lp.html looks like no die cut sleeve

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