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  1. ahh awsome!! i looked at buget DAC with pre's and there ant too many around so atleast you have monitor control!!! .. nice table choice by the way !!!... i started with a project!! theyre excellent ...
  2. as @hoytishas said .. if going powered dont go budget, if you can afford it, go down the active monitor route .. each speaker has its own built in amp.. i run record player TO phono pre TO preamp/monitor control TO active speakers... i love it because theres no EQ anywhere and the needle is playing what was cut one issue i see is how are you going to adjust volume? do the speakers have their own monitor control?? if youre going to run MM cart you could also look at DAC w/ phono pre built in .. that way you will have some volume and control and a phono pre in one box.. also will hav
  3. perfect .. the phono pre in most stereo amps will only take MM .. good little receiver and ya setup will be nice and neat .. you may have to play with the grounding wire (ie connect or disconnect) if you get a hum
  4. https://24hundred.net/collections/thornhill/products/the-dark-pool-12-vinyl-olive-green
  5. get a 2 channel reciever with a phono input like this https://www.amazon.com/Sony-STRDH190-Stereo-Receiver-Bluetooth/dp/B078WFDR8D/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=Receiver+with+Phono+Input&qid=1620595362&sr=8-3 im assuming you will be using a moving magnet cart (MM) .???
  6. ahh awesome hopefully you can sort the sonos thing ive never done it but let me know
  7. Selling a heap of Records, Test Presses and Some Box Sets... Prices are in the Google Sheet... Shipping is from Australia and for a single LP its $30 AUD BUT if you buy multiple i'll help with shipping costs So you dont have to open the spreadsheet, heres whats in there: ADTR ATL Anthony Green Dear Hunter Alpha Wolf and more Lets make a deal Prices are in AUD https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hF54B9r5hWO4g26REkp2BEKEv_YGY3TsVvQlE0rZqX8/edit#gid=0
  8. yes .. sonos is the most known but im pretty sure only digital . yamaha is probably the easiest to use called MusicCast.. im not sure if any turntable will work or if you need to have the branded "musiccast" TT to stream the record... https://usa.yamaha.com/products/contents/audio_visual/musiccast/index.html
  9. i rekon the only way for that to work would be to create an oversized adapter for the 12" ring and the 10" ring like this - https://ibb.co/NTc7RZy
  10. @Billich0986!!! i cannot recommend the Ania HIGHER!!!! i got the standard ania and maaaan its beautiful (and i still havnt broken it in!) Im running a Hanss Preamp but really .. Rega's Fono MC or higher will match well ... im not that big into Brand Matching but hey atleast you will know Rega will match with Rega your system is amazing!!! so amp wise it really depends on your speakers... i run Active Mackie HRM speakers and a Drawmer HQ Pre (monitor control and switch) so no need for an Amp .. if you want Passive Speakers then definitely get a Stereo Amp .. i wouldnt be messing a
  11. id say so .. the cart wouldnt be the issue
  12. @mdclanahan you might have to buy one of these.. https://instrumentalparts.com/counterweight-ttusb-ittusb/ i THINK they are heavier ..
  13. i love projects and rega's but it ultimately comes down to the counterweight adjustment and antiskate ... if it has it (and you set it right) it will do minimal damage to your records.. if it doesnt (like crosleys) it will absolutely kill ya records ... so get whatever player has those two things ... then later down the track you can look at upgrading platters or carts/stylus ... also i recommed a platter puck
  14. oh dude thanks for looking!!!! yeh im really trying to hunt down a super splatter set!!! its bloody difficult
  15. speaking of records do you BY ANY CHANCE have a copy of the Wax Packs Super Splatter ?!?!!?
  16. https://tilian.tmstor.es/product/78108 uk store has Aside/Bsides left
  17. https://24hundred.net/products/factory-reset-12-vinyl-ghostly-ultra-clear-royal-blue-neon-pink aus exclusive
  18. https://www.newburycomics.com/products/tilian-factory_reset_exclusive_lp?variant=39465622667444 comes with signed print /250
  19. selling unwanted stuff and doubles shipping within Australia is $10 .. over the ocean is $20 ish (i can work with you on reducing costs if you want to purchase multiple) prices are in AUD open to offers Panic At The Disco - Pretty Odd first press Black $60 Billie eilish - WWAFAWDWG fye baby blue sealed $60 Secret Band - LP2 clear w/splatter $40 Issues - Beautiful Oblivion Black $30 DGD - Afterburner Black 180g Black $30 Manchester Orchestra - Cope $140 TMR Box Set Jack White - Acoustic Tour 2015 $75

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