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  1. whatever you do start on ZERO volume and increase slowly... so definitely need to use the built in pre amp because it has RIAA equalization in it (which you need)
  2. SAME!!!! such a great idea especially for the different timezones
  3. 42 of the Ultra Package left by the looks of it ... someone just buy the package and i'll get the record off you
  4. does someone wanna help me out PLEASE!!! im in aus but have a forwarding address in OR . it will be onsale right in the middle of the night!!! if anyone could help me out id be SUPER appreciative!
  5. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/vinyl-a-day-to-remember-youre-welcome-jb-hi-fi-australian-exclusive-red-vinyl-lp JB Hifi Exclusive Red
  6. https://thefaction.mywaterfrontstore.com/Product/88866/0 looks to be more of the /200 aus exclusive available
  7. anything with adjustable counterweight and anti - skate is really the 2 biggest things to look for (then you will need a tracking force gauge)... i like the projects or rega's but there are others out there that a great too.. also don't get any sort of player with built-in speakers ...
  8. Getting out of test press collecting ... Let's make a deal, happy to work on prices Issues - Beautiful Oblivion #9/10 SOLD Divino Nino - Pool Jealousy #18/20 - $40 PVRIS - All We Know ... signed card - $150 League - S/T - $50 Del Paxton - worst.summer.ever /5 - $75 James Taylor - Gorilla - $50 Hands Like Houses - Dissonants #11/20 SOLD Good Charlotte - S/T #9/24 - $200 Good Charlotte - Young and Hopeless #9/24 - $200 Vow - Make me Yours #8/20 - $20 HRVRD - From the Birds Cage #5/24 - $125 H
  9. yep even when on special, records are still $50 odd.. gives me the shits cuz its really the only major outlet for LP's here in Oz
  10. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/vinyl-london-grammar-californian-soil-limited-jb-hi-fi-australian-exclusive-transparent-royal-blue-vinyl-lp $77.99 .. hard pass
  11. https://24hundred.net/products/self-care-12-vinyl-half-half-cream-transparent-blue /500 https://24hundred.net/products/self-care-12-vinyl-tri-colour-transparent-blue-maroon-cloudy-clear /400 SOLD OUT
  12. ahh yes very plausible .. im changing my theory

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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