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  1. https://24hundred.net/collections/rsd-2019?fbclid=IwAR2zbjmJTSTF-vj_qDU1sB3xTX2FGtY5SVpnpQk2agQb7DHecJxMQYeRVUI 24hundred have Amy Shark, Jebediah, Hellions and other RSD leftovers if anyone's interested
  2. got my 2 year old daughter fixing the colourless issue https://www.reddit.com/r/dancegavindance/comments/b61up7/a_way_to_get_colour_on_my_colour_pop_vinyl/
  3. haha i cost myself also ... damn social media
  4. Tiger Lou - Trouble & Desire and b-sides Blue /300 https://shop.startracks.se/en/vinyl/tiger-lou-trouble-desire-and-b-sides-blue-vinyl.html Tiger Lou - Trouble & Desire and b-sides Black https://shop.startracks.se/en/vinyl/tiger-lou-trouble-desire-and-b-sides-black-vinyl.html
  5. its been confirmed by will on his twitter feed... well he just tweeted the merchnow link .
  6. Ok so have had a listen and it's brilliant... a vert very small amount of surface noise but it's sounds great ... very impressed
  7. i havnt yet.. hopefully have my turntable setup and ready to go in the next day or so
  8. MerchNow just cancelled my bundle!!! mother f!&CKERS ... didnt give a reason until i emailed and they said "we dont support mail forwarders" .. maybe put that in ya T&C's ....
  9. i think i have the cassettes if that interests you
  10. https://www.srcvinyl.com/motion-city-soundtrack-my-dinosaur-life-pink-lp.html haha should look further .. i just got excited when i saw the green lol
  11. can i please ask someone to order me a copy??? it will be online at 3am my time SORTED.!!!! thanks @thefavoriteplay ya legend!
  12. https://www.srcvinyl.com/motion-city-soundtrack-my-dinosaur-life-green-lp.html cant order yet but LTD to 1000 EDIT :PRE ORDER COMING THURS MARCH 21st @ 1pm ET
  13. hopefully people were going crazy cause it was for a charity .... Dance Gavin Dance - Artificial Selection test press. 100% of proceeds of this auction are going to the ASPCA. on a side note.. how do you tell if (in this instance) ASPCA gets the $1400?? do ebay follow up on this