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  1. the little NS-SW050B is a nice powered sub... or similar... but its all down to taste .. i use an 8" and listen to a LOT of rock .. i found the 10" was way too heavy and drowned out my speakers... but have a listen and trust your ears yeh that jbl is a PA sub.. you would need a big amp to run...
  2. so short of it is... the receiver wont have enough grunt to power the sub ... imo id sell the sub and buy a small powered woofer... simply it would go Stanton > Preamp > Yamaha RX-V573 > Sub out and Speaker Out ... as for bookshelves .. look at something around the 100w mark for the reciever like NS-333B or similar ...
  3. whats your logitech ?? what record player are you using??
  4. i am soooo totally in for this .. price does not matter !!!
  5. /200 Aus Variant is up https://24hundred.net/products/brain-pain-12-vinyl-bone-in-electric-blue-w-heavy-bone-splatter
  6. add.. it just SOLD .. hope you got it !!!!
  7. one just got added to discogs .. the comments clearly say "VINYL not CD - Near Mint vinyl condition, Generic Sleeve"
  8. i stoked shes really happy mate.. well done on pulling this together!
  9. Whoever said Satan was a bad dude?!?! I don't see god doing this ... I've had my anti religion dig ... it's amazing everyone jumping on this! Great work dudes and dudettes!!... there truly are some good people in this world
  10. is there an old list as to what she had?? i might have a few more
  11. hey mate i have a copy of Knocked Loose - Different Shade of Blue (Sea Blue With Black & Cyan Blue Twist) /500 she can have .. let me know how ya want me to send if wanted that is