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  1. i have a bit in my list of circa and anthony green... if interested let me know: https://www.discogs.com/user/AGB11/collection
  2. be carful what you buy .. dont buy a "1 size fits all" product .. it needs to be loaded correctly . my whole setup (turntable table, amps, speakers and cabinet) are all isolated from the floor, i then have the tuntable isolated from the cabinet so i get minimal transfer from the book shelves to the arm ... you know its isolated right when it feels like a big wobbly mess lol ... i had a quick look and for your TT you will need 4 mounts that can take 8lbs per mount ... i use these for my turntable but they are hefty https://www.solid-tech.net/product/discs-silence-4pack/ you would be able to find something cheaper .. just make sure the loads are correct
  3. cant make it too useful! imagine all the bootleg tests!!!
  4. at $65 a pop its ridiculous but if someone is interested... go for it The Secret Life Of / Fluro Green Signed 12" vinyl /200 https://store.sound-merch.com.au/collections/veronicas/products/veronicas-the-secret-life-of-fluro-green-signed-12-vinyl-pre-order?variant=30865497030738 Hook Me Up / Fluro Pink Signed 12" vinyl /200 https://store.sound-merch.com.au/collections/veronicas/products/veronicas-hook-me-up-fluro-pink-signed-12-vinyl-pre-order?variant=30865537859666
  5. DRC was exactly the same .. people forked out $8k for the machine! which 5 backers did... Luckily for the 5 backers they received their money back .. all other pledges did not... good ol kick starter
  6. i know the cutting engineer behind it, Flo Kauffmann, he is a crazy dude but if he's involved.. it will be good.. id love to know what happened to the DRC .. that guys just disappeared .. also keep an eye out for an Aussie guy name James Sillitoe .. he will release a desktop cutter soonish too... if anyone is apart of lathetrolls you will know that people pay STUPID amounts for 1920's mono cutters ... so the demand is definitely there
  7. New Song https://dgd.merchnow.com/products/v2/301475/blood-wolf-slime-city-7-vinyl - 1000 https://dgd.merchnow.com/products/v2/301474/blood-wolf-acid-rain-7-vinyl - 700 https://dgd.merchnow.com/products/v2/301473/blood-wolf-summer-daze-7-vinyl - 300
  8. HMV have a silver exclusive too https://store.hmv.com/music/vinyl/sundowning-hmv-exclusive-silver-vinyl?fbclid=IwAR3-HtgBOHShOVEcMGPrwaVLWt_nGH94t8DytxJuDGRc8mwXgCZAdWRxHVg https://www.emp-online.com/p/sundowning/457240.html
  9. i have this if interested https://www.discogs.com/King-Gizzard-And-The-Lizard-Wizard-Thirty-Six-Seconds-From-Polygondwanaland-That-Go-On-Forever/release/11220372
  10. Hey Dudes and Dudettes.. have listed some items for sale of Discogs but if anyone here wants to purchase i'll give you guys a red hot deal https://www.discogs.com/seller/AGB11/profile it will be coming from Australia but i'll definitely help with shipping. NOTE: if anything in my "collection" list interests you let me know...
  11. well i cant say 100% but a platter is SUPPOSED to be flat .. if purchased from a shop, id be returning ..
  12. no worries .. is the warped bit on top removable?? id try and replace that .. the skating issue is a different problem.. read the manual to adjust the anti skating weight what cart are you using and what tracking force have you got it set to??