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  1. i stoked shes really happy mate.. well done on pulling this together!
  2. Whoever said Satan was a bad dude?!?! I don't see god doing this ... I've had my anti religion dig ... it's amazing everyone jumping on this! Great work dudes and dudettes!!... there truly are some good people in this world
  3. is there an old list as to what she had?? i might have a few more
  4. hey mate i have a copy of Knocked Loose - Different Shade of Blue (Sea Blue With Black & Cyan Blue Twist) /500 she can have .. let me know how ya want me to send if wanted that is
  5. https://www.vinyl.com.au/?rf=kw&kw=karnivool vinyl.com has asymmetry ans sound awake for $39.. themata was $39 but has since gone up to $62 AUD that is
  6. https://store.breakingbenjamin.com/collections/aurora-pre-order not a fan of them charging $60 extra to get a signed copy! and no option to buy the record only annnd no paypal !!! WTF
  7. ask the guys over at the lathetrolls forum
  8. I know!!! I feel like I'm being taken advantage of!!! I remember the first press being $55AUD a hit and sleeping on it .. so bloody torn
  9. https://www.merchbar.com/rock-alternative/karnivool?fbclid=IwAR1K7C2uqsHqqjSddx29376nSHKeUpmY28qNbB6brhVEnDbn4tB66HemW44 Merchbar has all 3 represses up
  10. where did JB say they were getting them?? KEEEEEEEN