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  1. I understand how sales work man, and there is no need to come off like king vinyl while addressing me. Maybe I put a larger price tag so I have haggle room so both parties in the sale are happy and I came here first so I can sell to hardcore collectors like myself before going the ebay route. Hey its your right If you're not happy with what I'm selling or how, I would just rather not have you blow me up about it, just move on.
  2. Man I don't remember everyone on here being so testy lol , I was going off of Popsike which said that was the last one sold USD. The other two on discogs are both over $400
  3. You guys crack me up! Hey last one that sold in the states went for $350 a year ago and it didn't even come with the jacket, just a plain white sleeve.
  4. Hey guys and gals, I'm selling my Brand new jude law 7", I hate to but I have to... The record is mint and shows no sign that its ever been touched by a needle. The original jacket is great as well besides a crease on the bottom right corner on the back(See photo) Was like that when I purchased it. I had sold my brand new lot on here about a year ago and had a buddy that was buying this and eventually wasn't able to so now its back on here. $475 shipped. Thanks!
  5. This Topic can be deleted because i've sold all the items. Not sure if a Mod has to do it. Thanks!
  6. Thanks and yes we are. Nice nice! yeah there was a sleeveless one on ebay that sold for $345 a few days ago.
  7. Have someone buying the lot from me and someone else grabbing the jude law for $450
  8. Sorry guys new to the site didn't realize all these replys were here. Got a few offers but I'll throw some prices up soon, been at work the last two nights
  9. Hey guys, Just putting a feeler out for my Brand New collection All mint and never played, just opened UPDATE- added some prices 8/21/15 12" Your Favorite Weapon-1st Press- White/100 Deja - Record Store Day release Devil and God- 1st Press - White Daisy -1st Press- Gatefold 7" Jude Law and a Semester abroad - Very rare Jesus - Still sealed-$75 Sic transit Gloria- Sore point records-$75 Quiet things - Red - Sore point Records-75 Quiet things Alt- Green-$75
  10. I'm new to these boards but i have pictures and can time stamp. thanks for looking!
  11. Brand new - Your Favorite Weapon First pressing on white wax, never played and still in shrink wrap. I only opened it to check the color.( I have 2 but i want to hold onto the 2nd one). I'm just trying to clear out some rare records I have. I have a move coming up soon and need money/that and school. PM a offer Thanks I'm not asking for $399 like ebay just a fair offer

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