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  1. Just got this in the mail today and it was super warped. Anyone else?
  2. Is that album art a new snapchat filter? And the drums on that song. I wouldn't even mind that they were electronic if it wasn't the same two bar loop the whole song, or if they weren't overpowering the whole mix. As a filler song I would kind of enjoy it but it seems weird that they are releasing it as a single.
  3. Just came home to mine. Haven't been on here in months but as soon as I saw that signature I laughed and knew VC would be shitting themselves. Never change, guys.
  4. @tykoe you know ????

  5. @andrewhewitt attention @Target please fix your toilets this is a formal complaint

  6. RT @_sarahdixon: White people on Cinco de Mayo vs. every other day https://t.co/B5MWaj36qg

  7. Gotta work today, first RSD I'm missing since I started collecting :/ Long shot, but if anyone can find the Radical Face box, that's the only thing I realllllllly want. I got money in my PayPal ready to go, if anyone comes across it, I would be forever grateful if you could grab it for me
  8. Trying to get in on this but that League Safe website is doing some weird shit when I try to sign up Edit: never mind, entered and paid. Let's do this
  9. I was like 100% sure I PO'd this but now I actually don't remember it's been so long
  10. I was like "wut" at the price like the rest of you But if the 160 page book is a big hardcover full color picture book thing then that alone is probably worth 40-50 bucks. Then 20 dollars for the blu-rays, 25 for the double LP and 10 bucks for the slipmat and patch and shit, seems pretty reasonable With that being said I think I would pull the trigger if this were a new album but I can't really justify it for a live album
  11. I ordered 2 bundles and got duplicates of both 100 Demons and Acid Tiger lol. Kind of disappointing.
  12. Alright I'm in. @yep Let's get a follow party going here!