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  1. Is that album art a new snapchat filter? And the drums on that song. I wouldn't even mind that they were electronic if it wasn't the same two bar loop the whole song, or if they weren't overpowering the whole mix. As a filler song I would kind of enjoy it but it seems weird that they are releasing it as a single.
  2. Just came home to mine. Haven't been on here in months but as soon as I saw that signature I laughed and knew VC would be shitting themselves. Never change, guys.
  3. @tykoe you know ????

  4. @andrewhewitt attention @Target please fix your toilets this is a formal complaint

  5. RT @_sarahdixon: White people on Cinco de Mayo vs. every other day https://t.co/B5MWaj36qg

  6. Gotta work today, first RSD I'm missing since I started collecting :/ Long shot, but if anyone can find the Radical Face box, that's the only thing I realllllllly want. I got money in my PayPal ready to go, if anyone comes across it, I would be forever grateful if you could grab it for me
  7. castaway

    NHL Discussion

    Trying to get in on this but that League Safe website is doing some weird shit when I try to sign up Edit: never mind, entered and paid. Let's do this
  8. castaway

    Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    Edit: got it, thx y'all <33
  9. I was like 100% sure I PO'd this but now I actually don't remember it's been so long
  10. I was like "wut" at the price like the rest of you But if the 160 page book is a big hardcover full color picture book thing then that alone is probably worth 40-50 bucks. Then 20 dollars for the blu-rays, 25 for the double LP and 10 bucks for the slipmat and patch and shit, seems pretty reasonable With that being said I think I would pull the trigger if this were a new album but I can't really justify it for a live album
  11. castaway

    Deathwish 5 LPs for $10

    I ordered 2 bundles and got duplicates of both 100 Demons and Acid Tiger lol. Kind of disappointing.
  12. Alright I'm in. @yep Let's get a follow party going here!
  13. Inb4 it's actually just a really dark purple that looks black in the wrong lighting