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  1. Most limited already sold out? Darn. Love me a pinwheel variant. Awesome news for these guys though! Looking forward to seeing them next month.
  2. Where you seeing the mockup? EDIT: Nevermind. I thought you meant there was a mockup of the pinwheel. I've seen the swirl. I need coffee.
  3. I like how they were sure to point out that this is the first official pressing of MGS.
  4. For anyone that might care, AL4W is pressing Webster Lake for the first time. 200 copies on blue vinyl. http://alossforwords.limitedrun.com/products/649423-a-loss-for-words-webster-lake-7-on-clear-blue
  5. They're having issues with shipping options to the US, but they said they're looking into it.
  6. $35 and no Danny Kaye and The Andrews Sisters? Easy pass.
  7. Bongo, bongo, bongo, I don't want to leave the Congo, oh no no no no no
  8. It's bold to blackmail a band over 20-year-old demos, especially when it's a band who never shies away from releasing demos or b-sides or whatever. They have tons of early versions of songs floating around because they take years to work on them. That's treating it like they are skeletons in a closet that could tank Radiohead's whole legacy. Of course, they're not going to pay you. And of course, they aren't going to let you get the final word. I'm glad the narrative changed to a positive one.
  9. Is that why I got a refund last week? I'm not on social media or anything so I had no clue. Just accepted it as part of the bootleg life. But I was bummed cause I was looking forward to that sweet yellow vinyl.
  10. Schmaltz hits me like a sack of bricks every time I listen to it. Such a great album. Pretty great that they are on Pure Noise now.
  11. If it makes taking the plunge on HG/SS easier, I'm a firm believer (like most of the internet) that those are the best in the series. I put over 100 hours into my copy of HeartGold. So I'd say even at its going rate, you get more than your money's worth. EDIT: Just realized it looks like you already have HeartGold so you already know how good it is.
  12. I think it's a Konami thing, not a Mondo thing. Similar to them pulling Kojima's name from the cover of MGSV after his departure. They love to be front and center for branding. It's why the entire Konami Kukeiha Club exists I bet. And I'm assuming most staff has little to no real ownership over the product, especially once you exit the company.
  13. Yup, I didn't read the fine print. I glossed over the word "store" when looking at that email. Now we wait.
  14. I'm doing something wrong. Signed up for Cherry Tree and every time I try to checkout with the exclusive variant, it asks me to sign in. I use the email and password I used for signing up, but I'm getting an error that won't let me sign in and consequently, checkout.
  15. My votes are for MGS and Sonic 3. Sonic 2 would be cool too, but I prefer 3 cause of the MJ influence. Hell, even Moonwalker would be groovy. Or just give me a goshdarn Sonic Genesis collection. Moonshake loves a good collection/compilation. 1, 2, 3, S&K.
  16. Thanks, everyone! Weird game. @marc32137 walked away with $75. But congrats to everyone who won!
  17. Fixed cause of a typo. It said LII instead of LIII. THis should be higher res too. Good luck everyone!

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