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  1. Looks to be 247 copies of Simple Math and 239 copies of i'm a Virgin losing a child left.
  2. https://www.wayorecords.com/en/vinyl/674-actraiser-original-soundtrack-symphonic-suite-vinyl.html?fbclid=IwAR0QO7MBZoKboBcAxbYoQOYgtnhTvb9xnZppjgvnK_j3ZEumtVzeULQtUcY Actraiser Original Soundtrack and Symphonic Suite on vinyl. First 250 orders come with a signed Shikishi by Yuzo Koshiro
  3. I emailed support asking about my order for months and eventually they apologized that "The order somehow got lost in the mail" and refunded me my order, which contained all 3 signed cassettes and a Signed record. I was..kinda really disappointed how the whole situation was handled.
  4. https://shop.mileycyrus.com/collections/featured/products/plastic-hearts-lp About 3,800 copies left from what appears to be a run of 5,000. Not sure if it is a limited printing like Bangerz or if it will be readily available from other retailers.
  5. https://themanchesterorchestrastore.myshopify.com/products/metn-patreon it's up
  6. They put up more copies of this. It's limited to 2,000 so if 1,000 were available earlier, than this is the other 1,000.
  7. https://store.na.square-enix-games.com/en_US/product/609034/final-fantasy-vii-vinyl Original non remake Final Fantasy VII Picture Disc re-press Pre-order https://store.na.square-enix-games.com/en_US/product/609033/wf-music-from-final-fantasy-xiii-vinyl Final Fantasy XIII Pre-order
  8. I'm surprised these haven't been posted here yet, some PS1 classics: Vib Ribbon Soundtrack: https://shiptoshoremedia.com/products/vib-ribbon-original-video-game-soundtrack-lp Grandia Soundtrack: https://www.wayorecords.com/en/vinyl/663-grandia-memorial-soundtrack-collector-edition.html
  9. Looks to be about: 177 left for Live at the Mayan Theatre: Dog Problems - Limited Edition 12" Bone Double Vinyl 182 for Live at the Mayan Theatre: Encore - Limited Edition 12" Coke Bottle Green Vinyl 584 for Dog Problems - Standard Edition 12" Double Black Vinyl 565 for Interventions & Lullabies - Standard Edition 12" Black Vinyl atleast that's what they let you add to cart for each.
  10. SNES Secret of Mana Vinyl https://switchedonsnes.bandcamp.com/album/secret-of-mana?fbclid=IwAR0O7GQVyaogzILAA_Z5swY_LmkIcSTzzygEgvZYRe7xHHn7Xwt2506iC8Q SNES Zelda Link to the past vinyl https://www.streamingarrowrecords.com/product/switched-on-snes-a-link-to-the-past-lp/ Shantae GBC vinyl https://www.fangamer.com/products/shantae-game-boy-color-vinyl-soundtrack Stardew Valley 4 Vinyl Complete box set https://www.fangamer.com/products/stardew-valley-complete-ost-vinyl-box-set
  11. I'm guessing non of yall have ordered from Mondo or NewRetroWave...the wait times on those are soo much longer. I
  12. I'm just gonna post this photo of every Neon City Records release i own to show that they do indeed ship out items. They are just insanely, incredibly slow.
  13. Thank you for sharing this! I love this album. Here's a clickable link for anyone else wanting to pre-order: https://www.alowhum.com/

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