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  1. Thanks for the heads-up on the green vinyl! I was able to snag it.
  2. I really appreciate that PN does cool retail variants. I often have Amazon gift cards and like to pick up PN releases when I can. Keep up the great work!
  3. My local record store has two tri-color copies if you are looking: https://www.plaidroomrecords.com/products/b-conditions-b-br-i-fluorescent-youth-colored-vinyl-i?_pos=2&_sid=509edd39a&_ss=r
  4. I cancelled but haven’t gotten a refund yet. Anyone know if it takes them awhile?
  5. Have you considered offering to volunteer at a local shop to learn as much as possible? You could always offer to buy the owner lunch and pick their brain as well 🙂
  6. Cool, that is what I figured. I wish I had a solid way to hear when the merch limited stuff goes on sale. I am signed up for their Facebook messenger notifications, but they only notify me about certain releases.
  7. Anyone know if there will be a merch limited variant?
  8. The Space Quest V soundtrack is being pressed on splatter vinyl as a 2 LP set through the crowdfunding site QRates. 200 people have to pre-order or the project will not move forward. Space Quest III and IV were successfully funded in the past. Pre-order Space Quest V vinyl here! We've done Space Quest III, we've done Space Quest IV ... now comes the real test. Can we do Space Quest V on a deluxe, double, heavy-weight, splat-colored vinyl with gorgeous upscaled artwork from the original game? I sure hope so, otherwise I'm going to look real silly over here. Space Quest V was released in 1993 and featured a rousing orchestral soundtrack by Dynamix composers Christopher Stevens and Tim Clarke. I took the original MIDI files from the game (ripped by Mark Van Tinteren) and reorchestrated them using modern orchestral patches. Nothing has been re-recorded. But that's not all. Inside the resource files of SQ5 were also a small handful of unused pieces of music that were not triggered in the game. These have also been reorchestrated and put on Side D as "outtakes." Why a double vinyl? Well, because Space Quest V is a long ass game! And the soundtrack is quite long as well. I tried fitting it on a single vinyl but it just couldn't be done. The artwork is original art from the game put through an AI upscaler by Brandon Blume, who also did the same for the SQ4 vinyl. The audio on the vinyl itself has been lovingly mastered especially for vinyl. The examples below are CD/digital masters. THIS IS A NON-PROFIT FAN PROJECT. The cost of the vinyl is set as low as it can go without going into negative profits. If there are any residual profits from the project, they will once again be donated to the American Cancer Society because f*** cancer. https://www.cancer.org/involved/donate.html
  9. It is a great album! Going the limited pressing route was the only way to get this off the ground...unfortunately it comes at a high price....
  10. Crash Rickshaw's "The Unknown Clarity" is being pressed here.
  11. Here are some T & N related vinyl releases up for pre-order now: The Fold "Dear Future, Come Get Me" Crash Rickshaw "The Unknown Clarity"
  12. Crash Rickshaw "Unknown Clarity" has been pressed http://watchmakerrecords.storenvy.com/collections/265933-all-products/products/18247034-crash-rickshaw-the-unknown-clarity-vinyl
  13. Hi mmhmm, One Cut Vinyl does some superb work on their lathe cuts. We have used them on three other releases and have been very happy with the quality. Having said this, the records can be a little quiet depending on album length. Otherwise, we have not noticed any quality issues- nor have we had any customer complaints. They stand up to the other records in my collection. Here are some images of an Ocean Is Theory record we did with One Cut Vinyl. I am super happy with how these came out. Side A Side B Back Covers The price is high because of the amount of labor that goes into each unit. They are cut in real time. That means 40 minutes alone are needed for The Fold vinyl- without even taking into account the labels and jackets. For this specific release, it was either do this kind of pressing or not do one at all. I liked the album too much to not have it see the vinyl treatment. What else do you want to know?

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