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  1. I have the boxset.. I think I will give the repress a pass
  2. Picking up Requiem for a dream. Waited way way too long for this to be pressed on vinyl.
  3. One of my top 10 albums ever but it's not an album that you can play it all the time. Ordered!
  4. Thanks for the heads-up. Ordered the clear splatter
  5. Might be a bit tempted to pick up a TP. Pm me if ya selling one
  6. I got the XL version when I was in Japan. Wanted to get the number version when one of my local store has it..looks like I will hold it for the extended version
  7. Grab the masterball and the half red/white variant
  8. I already have the 4LPs set by Invada records. Will definitely pick up this thou. Hannibal is such a criminally underrated show.
  9. Pretty glad i preorderd mad max before watching the movie. The score is just so awesome
  10. Will pick up SoR from mondo instead. Cannot justify paying much more for just a splatter color
  11. Picture disc and its rather pricy.. I am on the fence for this
  12. Definitely picking up SoR. One of my favorite childhood game

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