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  1. But seriously, pumped for mostly all next gen things that have been announced. Late this year and 2015 will be a great time for gaming
  2. Solid thing to do OP, I'm in if there aren't 20 yet. This place has helped me build I would say 85-90% of my collection. Got my hands on things I didn't ever expect to, I love this place
  3. Well if we do I could ship them out for fairly cheap to all the others from my work. I'm in fo sho
  4. I'm personally stoked for this, I'm not certain I can afford it unless someone in the US wants to combine shipping. It's like $43 ppd to the US but the album itself is oy 11£. Starting this thread mainly to find someone to help a brotha out. Enjoy! Pre-Order http://awesomedistro.com/bsm-store/DeltaSleep_ManagementLP.html?whence= Stream http://deltasleep.bandcamp.com
  5. Weird, I haven't seen anyone's name attached to this besides Mess'. Which is silly cause Will Swan is a much more recognizable name to even non-hardcore DGD fans like myself. Also, these dudes have made plenty of money off their fans throughout their careers. If they choose to do a side project (that probably takes up 0% of their free time) it's their own prerogative and don't gain any of my sympathy.
  6. Is Jon Mess part owner with Will of Blue Swan? Or is Will in Secret Band and just not announced as much as Mess? I'm confused
  7. I'm not sure they'll ever sell out at this price, I'll snag one if they come through with Stolas/Hail the Sun. They love us here in San Antonio so I'm sure we will see them eventually and I'm sure it'll be straight up baller.
  8. There is no fucking way I will spend 31 shipped on a 4 track 10 inch... They only charged 20 for the Stolas vinyl, this is absolutely shameless price gouging and taking advantage of those of us who actually give a shit enough to even know about this band or what Jon Mess is now doing... If this is a 8-10 track full length I have no problem paying 31, but I'll gladly save my 31 here and put it towards the 45 dollar repress of Amputechture on SRC. Everyone attached to this should be ashamed of themselves for agreeing to fuck your fans and charge 25 for this, ashamed.
  9. I know I can wait till after to buy, but in seriously considering driving the 25 mins to the only HT that has one around me to snag it.
  10. Yeah, 80 or so of the yellow and 475 of the blue left, already sold almost 1000. It might sell out once peoples wallets recover from RSD this year.
  11. Easily my favorite Finch album! People are the worst... Exactly how I feel, SRC releases have been solid so far. I have no problem paying 10 extra bones to ensure quality. Now that I have this all I really truly NEED to have pressed is all of the He is Legend shit and I'm fucking done with my hopefuls.
  12. No, bro. Not you at all, I was totally referring to his generally douchey prices
  13. Went ahead and snagged a regular joe vinyl even though it's still limited to only 300. No problem with the price either personally, yeah it sucks that it's 30, but I'll pay 30 ppd for a record and digital download 2 weeks early for a band I love all day.

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