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  1. I bought some stuff off of Box Lunch and it was shipped by hot topic
  2. Looks like Guttermouth isn't getting repressed: Thank you for your recent order of Guttermouth - Musical Monkey (Vinyl). Unfortunately due to production issues, this vinyl will not be pressed. We're sorry about the news, but please continue to enjoy your digital version of the album on us. Your order for this item has been cancelled and you have not been charged.
  3. There is pink and black in the epitaph Europe store
  4. http://www.musicrecordshop.com/Hole-Celebrity-Record-Import-PRE-ORDER/dp/B00HPZW0UQ 39.99 can get $5 off signing up for newsletter
  5. I emailed them the other day, he said mine went out Saturday Dec 14th
  6. You can get a signed copy here: www.pledgemusic.com/projects/weathervanemusic Only 1 left
  7. Hung out with these guys before a Strung Out show in Tucson, really cool guys, Ill support them....ordered