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  1. Looking for recommendations for PS4 games. I like RPGs and 3rd/1st person games with RPG elements - really like games with either a focus on exploration or at least some sort of worldbuilding that lends itself to exploration. Games I've played that I really enjoyed: SoulsBorne games; Witcher 3; everything Final Fantasy; new Mass Effect (yes, I actually liked it); Nioh; Persona 5; Fallout 3/4 (liked 4 less than 3, but love just ambling around the wasteland). What's good that I'm overlooking in this vein? Need something new to play.
  2. Yeah, BL2 is always a good time. And your comments around the pre-sequel are spot on: it's still a BL game, but it's just "off" enough that I never could muster the interest to finish it. Would love to see a BL3 announcement. Cannot wait until FFXII tomorrow.
  3. Slowly working through my game backlog (which will only be put back on hold next week when Final Fantasy XII comes out). Finished the last Deus Ex game. Really enjoyed it, but thought the general difficulty really spiked for the last couple sections, which made it a bit of a grind to get through. Played the newest Mass Effect and really enjoyed it. Can certainly see how a lot of the sidequests are a bore/grind, I played some of them but mostly just focused on story missions. Hoping to finish up Witcher 3 tonight (I hit the "are you sure you want to contin
  4. I am - only about 5 hours in though. Has a Final Fantasy XII vibe to me so far (I consider that to be a really good thing).
  5. Looking to get rid of my stereo equipment, hoping to sell it locally (in the Dallas/Ft Worth area) mostly just due to weight/fragility of equipment and shipping. Obviously at least one of these could be posted pretty easily, just most are worrisome to me. Priced to sell, hit me up if you're interested and we'll schedule a meet-up. Pics upon request - everything is in perfect working order; but I don't have the original packaging or manuals any more. Here is what I'm selling: Rega P1 turntable (replaced by the RP1 a couple years ago - but it's this one: htt
  6. Got shipping confirmation on my PS4 Pro. So happy I'll be able to play video games again soon.
  7. I obsessively flip through all used books that I buy for that very purpose. Especially since I buy a ton of experimental stuff; I hate coming across someone else's asinine notes and underlines. Let's be honest, for most of that stuff you're not going to be insightful until the second read, but everyone dives in like they're some genius who is going to crack the code by page 20.
  8. Small developments, peripheral reveals caught out of the corner of the reader's eye, but what you've seen in the opening 50 pages is in large part what you'll experience for the rest of the novel. I quite enjoyed it when I read it years back, but I remember it not quite hitting the epiphany I kept expecting.
  9. I was kind of under the impression that all the Souls games had been that way - I remember that the Korean version of Demon's had full English support as well.
  10. Ah, fair enough. I haven't reached a point where I feel the need to wear the armor past the first time, so the need to test hadn't come up yet.
  11. I also read that if you stick an almost empty one into a generator (like the one you pull your first core out of) then it recharges. I haven't tested it, but it seems to make the issue pretty moot if true.
  12. I haven't gone back and picked it up, but I thought it came with 200 rounds? I read they're in dogmeat's inventory. Obviously still a limited commodity, but I heard it's decent to have for stronger enemies.
  13. Yeah, I've never played a MG game before, and V is fucking superb so far. Just get it and let the insanity wash over you.
  14. Pretty much exactly my reaction. I also really like watching discoveries develop over on reddit (I tried to only look at stuff that was behind me on DS2) and the guide not being out there will really amplify those discussions.
  15. GameStop too (have to buy the game as well though): http://www.gamestop.com/nintendo-3ds/consoles/nintendo-new-3ds-xl-majoras-mask-collectors-bundle/120301

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