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  1. For some reason the +$50 markup for Billy’s signature seemed fine in the moment so I bought an autographed gold + an un-autographed silver. It’s crazy how fast the unsigned ones went just compared to the first release.
  2. Well that makes me feel better - apparently a handful of each went back up per Reddit where a few users apparently copped, but at least that explains the quickness with which they disappeared!
  3. Newbury variants went up and sold out. I only saw them after they’d sold out 😓 https://www.newburycomics.com/products/the_used-the_used_exclusive_2lp_ink?variant=37684651589812 https://www.newburycomics.com/products/the_used-the_used_exclusive_2lp_pieces?variant=37684655030452 https://www.newburycomics.com/products/the_used-in_love_and_death_exclusive_lp_love?variant=37684638843060 https://www.newburycomics.com/products/the_used-in_love_and_death_exclusive_lp_death?variant=37684644675764
  4. lol. not been disappointed with one of her releases yet, so always willing to take a blind swing on her stuff. but it is hella disconcerting to drop $50+ on an album and not even note how damn expensive it is as I'm doing so. kind of feel like the proverbially frog being boiled.
  5. Bought one of the variants of this from Levitation directly earlier today; was not aware of this version / cause when I did so.
  6. First time I've ever been on top of it enough to get one of her nicer versions. Many thanks to @rooks for the post, as I would have missed the announcement / email otherwise.
  7. I sent an email directly to [email protected] and they provided me a return label and refunded me when they received the record.
  8. I'm not really taken with the new cover - in part because this has been one of my favorite albums for over 20 years and I'm just used to old cover, and in part because I just don't think this is an improvement - but even setting that to the side it feels like a really weird move to change the cover but still use the original cover for the shirts. Regardless I bought one + a shirt; even having the VMP pressing I do want to make sure I get a copy of each reissue in this program.
  9. I saw Pig last night and was absolutely floored by it. First new movie I’ve seen in a theater in 16 months, and it was a perfect reminder of why and how much I love seeing movies.
  10. + someone put theirs up on Reddit earlier today for $55 shipped, which is a bit cheaper than the cheapest on discogs.
  11. Ended up watching The Rental last night. It was meh. Cast was decent (Sheila Vand!) but it was a bit slow while not really attempting to be a slow burn in any way, just kind of boring until the last 20 minutes.
  12. Oh, I don't mind long movies in principal - hell I dragged my friend to see Satantango with me when the new 4k cut was touring - it's actually more that I find it difficult to actually set aside more than 90 minutes to watch a movie lately, especially as I tend to only watch them at night with my wife once the kids go to bed and I get up at either 4:00 or 5:00 every morning, so staying up late is *tough*.
  13. i told my wife we would watch this tonight. i did not know at the time it was 2:15 😬 I'm sure it's a product of being old and sleepy at night, but there is nothing better than a sub-90 minute horror movie to me, and once it gets close to 2 hours (+) it gets to be a way tougher sell.
  14. Got two shows coming up in the next few weeks: King Crimson next Friday and then Pedro the Lion two weeks later. Really looking forward to both, and just being able to see shows again in general. After that my calendar is really quiet until near the end of the year when I'm seeing Black Midi, Rolling Stones, and then Jeff Rosenstock. Have not bought tickets for Mannequin Pussy yet, but will likely hit that show as well. So no where near the frequency I'd hit gigs pre-COVID, but at least *some* stuff on the calendar again.

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