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  1. Yeah, I dug this one when I watched it last year. Brought some decent ideas to the genre.
  2. I've got this sitting on my server to watch; I'll still check it, but that's not the best to hear.
  3. I watched it through other channels a few months back and really enjoyed it. It's definitely got a narrative going on, but it's much more akin to viewing a huge art installation; it's surrealist and weird as hell and I thought it moved quickly for something that's basically entirely free of dialogue. Not surprisingly at all but it's an absolute visual marvel.
  4. Bringing this forward to note it will be on Shudder starting 07/05.
  5. It’s pretty damn brisk. There’s a bit of lull right after the halfway mark (in the theatrical version there’s a 15 minute intermission, the lull is right after the intermission but Netflix doesn’t have the intermission title-card); however it promptly speeds back up and goes hella hard right through the end. It’s seriously so much fun.
  6. Over the top action / soap opera / Bollywood musical 😍
  7. As a follow-up to this, I convinced my wife to watch this with me this past weekend and her response afterwards was "why would I ever want to watch anything else after seeing this?" 😂 It was just as much fun on a re-watch, and hearing her laugh ( a "you can't be serious" laugh, not a bad laugh) throughout was fun as well.
  8. Now that cornetto sold out there's a picture disc up - https://mothica-us.myshopify.com/collections/music/products/nocturnal-vinyl-lp-picture-disc - this one doesn't list a quantity like the other two. It also doesn't really look like a picture disc (it *does* look really cool though) but you can't see much of it from the listing.
  9. I really really dug the new Candyman. Thought it was smart + great.
  10. Yeah, I absolutely loved Host, was hands down the best horror flick of 2020 for me (well, pure horror; my favorite overall film from 2020 was After Midnight) so this was a huge letdown for me.
  11. Literally a minute after I responded a couple days ago to this I found this uploaded on the tracker I use - watched it last night; quick thoughts: Pedestrian shaky cam found footage with a distinctly unlikable main character. Unlikable can be fine but this is just her being unlikable for loooong stretches of the film. Super disappointing follow-up to Host, which managed to be a lean and well-thought found-footage film that used every vignette to great effect, where as this is mostly aimless rambling mixed with frantic running / blurry shots of the ground whipping past and maybe a bloody hand here or there. (I should point out that I love found footage films, but this one just did not work for me)
  12. They also have the indie exclusives of Visitor and Volunteers for $20.78! https://monstermusicsc.com/UPC/045778217809 https://monstermusicsc.com/UPC/045778217908
  13. Ah, thanks. I bought the other version cause I was off camping when they went on sale and the band version had sold out, I guess I didn’t pay enough attention to what this one looked like. Ugh, turns out I really like the (now) $100 version better 😬
  14. Isn’t this one a completely different variant? I thought the other two were like pink and blue? I dig this variant, at least the mock-up makes it look appropriately moon-like. (but they certainly did keep re-stocking the other version; always seemed to come and go quickly, like they were cancellations or something)

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