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  1. Anything good on streaming that's relatively new? Looking for something that's scary but not gory (wife's preference). Just striking out lately.
  2. Nice. I’d love to catch him, but he hasn’t come by here yet - they just announced a new run for him that *also* doesn’t come through here, but there are apparently October dates forthcoming still…
  3. Good deal! Like I said, it was a great show and an amazing opportunity we couldn’t miss. Matt was super nice and chill also. We’ve seen Dave Bazan / Pedro the Lion a couple times via Undertow’s living room show setup, and he’s (unsurprisingly) awesome in the uber-small setting as well.
  4. Me and a buddy did this a few years back / it was a great show as long as you go in knowing (I assume this has not changed) that he’s only playing solo material + 1 Centaur song (+1 cover).
  5. I can see that logic. Ours was a 930 showing, which my local had screenings for a few nights this past week, but only 930 showings. It was pretty well sold, not sold out but fairly full, and I don’t think there was any issue whatsoever with our crowd. I was also a little worried about that, having seen it already, and knowing that it’s certainly a bit more blurry and art house than people might expect, but crowd was really receptive and had some really good interaction / reactions on some of the creepier/scarier parts, and it was overall a fun experience. I’m not sure if I liked it any *more* seeing it in the theater or not, but it was fun to get out anyway. My wife and I watch The Vigil back in 2020? 2021? Whenever it came out, and we enjoyed it quite a bit.
  6. Going to catch Skinamarink at my local arthouse in a couple hours. I’m pretty sure / hoping it’ll play better in a completely dark room with booming sound, but I suppose I’ll see!
  7. It’s so great, a good step back up from Synchronic, which I enjoyed but no where near to the level of their other stuff. I never thought I’d see a cinematic palimpsest, but here we are.
  8. Yeah, I watched Christmas, Bloody Christmas last night and enjoyed it enough - it also took around 30 minutes until something really happened but it was fun for the last two-thirds.
  9. I did not expect the adult swim Yule log thing to be as long as it was, but it was an enjoyably ludicrous little ride. Not quite as surreal as the infomercials that they put out years ago, which I liked more, but I still love the sheer audacity of putting something like this as an oddball surprise out into the world.
  10. I watched Skinamarink last night - viewed/acquired through nefarious means - and it's fine. It's like 95% arthouse / experimental and 5% horror; I would love the chance to see it in a theater though (I think the theatrical release will be super limited though). Coming to Shudder sometime next year. I'm out of the loop so only yesterday heard of the upcoming When Evil Lurks movie (which isn't even wrapped filming) but now it can't get here quick enough.
  11. Yeah, I saw this referenced somewhere else this morning and am planning on checking it out in the next couple days. Was halfway through a movie yesterday when the school called and I had to go pick up a sick kid 😭 so I have to find time to finish that first. Free time has been crap lately...
  12. I'll be interested to hear your overall thoughts on this once you're done. It's my least favorite of the Netflix series he's down, by a fairly decent margin as well. There are certainly parts of it I enjoyed - my overall response is that it's "fine" but that's about it - but I do have some fairly strong feelings about the last episode.
  13. Just saw that Something in the Dirt has its theatrical release this coming week, highly highly recommend that you check it out if you haven’t had a chance to yet. Benson and Morehead remain my two favorite directors in the speculative space. No movies for me tonight, catching Godspeed you Black Emperor at a local show.
  14. Watched Barbarian last night since it’s on HBO now and thought it was fine? I did enjoy the location / set work quite a bit, but ultimately found it oddly inconsistent in tone and pacing. Again, it was fine, but I thought it would be better based on reception.

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