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  1. Here’s the “incorrect” version; confirmed by TMR, sending it back this weekend.
  2. Yeah, Hooper was obviously the main draw there. I'll keep it in mind as i'm looking for things to watch in the future; i'm sure i'll check it out at some point.
  3. How was The Funhouse? Seen it on whatever streaming app it’s currently on a few times this week, but have no idea if it’s worth checking out. here’s my 31 for 31 update: 9. Under the Shadow* 10. The Night 11. Haze* 12. The Night House* 13. We Are Still Here* 14. Willy’s Wonderland 15. Girl on the Third Floor 16. The Block Island Sound *stand outs
  4. Also, watched The Night House a bit ago and thought it was awesome. Definitely one of the better new horror flicks I've seen this year. Biggest complaint I had was that the movie was still playing it a bit too much like a mystery in the back half when it was fairly obvious what was going on. Didn't take away from my enjoyment, but it did stand out for about 20 minutes or so there in the second half.
  5. Glad I remembered the drop! I almost always forget the Wednesday record drops for some reason.
  6. I'm so damn excited to watch these in non-potato quality; everything I've seen until now was either VHS or early DVD (or just poor quality rips), I plan on going through the entire set once received. Need to pick up Tetsuo the Bullet Man (since it's missing here) as I've actually still not seen that one.
  7. Oh, what I meant is that i bought a copy last night, arriving Thursday. And I ran into the same thing, where the amazon search showed the really expensive one - when you google search it though the reasonably priced one shows up: https://www.amazon.com/Solid-Metal-Nightmares-Tsukamoto-Standard/dp/B08YDB69LT Wish I had known in time to snag the CE, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Had totally missed that they’d done that box set. Anyway, my copy arrives on Thursday 😂
  9. Have y'all seen Shinya Tsukamoto's (Tetsuo the Iron Man amongst others) Haze (2005)? It’s stupid short (like 45 minutes if you ignore the title card and credits time) but is intensely claustrophobic and anxiety inducing. Which, you know, recommended.
  10. Cool, I liked The Ritual. Without any irony The Ritual made me want to go hiking/camping and I go 1-2x / year since I saw it 😂
  11. Been playing Metroid Dread. It’s unsurprisingly awesome.
  12. Well, that was fun. Nothing like 20 minutes of refreshing, but finally got it ordered and confirmation email. Yay!
  13. Huh, not sure I’ve seen that one, I’ll look it up. But you are right, it is a bit cleaner resolution than the others, I didn’t really take note of that at the time. Still a bit grimy, but less of the camera roll across the screen. Seen 9 films so far this month, but needed the head start because my kids have a four day weekend right now + I’m camping for two days later this month, so that 5-6 days of little-to-no movie time…
  14. Yeah I want to see The Night House as well. Saw mixed reviews but the positive ones I saw made it sound like it was totally up my alley.
  15. lol - I liked that one! Mostly the costume/makeup work though.

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