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  1. I audibly said “no shit!” when it popped up. Had no idea they’d been tapped for an episode. Nice surprise for sure.
  2. Speaking of Benson+Moorhead they directed episode 3 of Archive 81. It’s really strong so far. ^I’ve got a copy of that We’re All Going to the World’s Fair - I’ll bump it up the list once I get my kids back in school 😐
  3. HEADS UP - With Sundance going 100% online you can buy tickets to watch the new Benson/Moorhead movie (Something in the Dirt) on either the 23rd or the 25th. I did (25th for me as the 23rd is already cluttered for me). Everything they do is must watch for me, The Endless is probably my favorite genre movie of recent memory.
  4. Whoops, forgot to mention that while I *think* this will eventually come to Netflix, it’s currently not commercially available in the states. We finished The Silent Sea last night - I described it as “decent” up above and see no reason to revise that descriptor. Really great cast of Korean genre actors, and the whole thing looks great, but it never really elevates itself to anything better than “good”. Started that new Netflix limited series Archive 81 - which I’ve seen a lot of strong buzz / early reviews - first episode was good / interesting. We’ll try to get through it over this coming week.
  5. History of the Occult was awesome, smart in a “I probably need to watch that a couple more times to put everything together” kind of way, and actually good enough that I want to and will. Way more cerebral than scary, had to have had basically no budget, but damn what a smart well put together flick.
  6. I bought this the moment i saw it last night; $250 is pricey but I've not gotten around to re-buying these since I liquidated my collection last decade, so this was an easy choice. Super excited these will ship next month also. I would now like an accompanying Mount Eerie box please.
  7. Cool, cool. I know Innkeepers is on Prime so I’ll give it a spin soon; I was going to watch History of the Occult and The Innocents today but one of my kiddos is home with COVID (and the other is home quarantining) so no daytime horror movies for me until next week 😓
  8. Target version: https://www.target.com/p/maren-morris-humble-quest-target-exclusive-vinyl/-/A-85712540
  9. -Trailer looks great! -So, looks like I’ve only seen House of the Devil and VHS by Ti - his other stuff worth watching or is some of it skippable? -The other night my wife picked The Darkness of the Road for us to watch and it was *awful* - we both hated it. So that’s fun. -Also finally watched Cure which was awesome of course and I’m sure I’ll watch it again soon with the new Criterion 4K cut coming. - we’re also about 5 (of 8 ) episodes through The Silent Sea which is a decent / enjoyable Korean sci-fi limited series with some minor horror elements (if you’re on the *right* side of the Alien is a horror movie debate 😂).
  10. No, it's actually a normal lp jacket. Not heavy duty by any means, but definitely a real jacket.
  11. Target version - alternate artwork / silver translucent vinyl https://www.target.com/p/the-weeknd-dawn-fm-target-exclusive-vinyl/-/A-85714666
  12. Yeah, i'd ordered probably close to a full day before it was posted here - and it had already been going on for a couple hours at that point based on when i received the email from RT.
  13. Exact same here. At this point the 1 of 3 left is the main one i wanted and i likely would have still ordered it by itself, but it's still a bit annoying.
  14. My order from Midtown arrived and holy shit did it do something to piss off a postal worker 😭 The package actually has a tear that goes all the way into a few pages of the comic itself. I’m guessing it got run over or caught in a sorter? YAY
  15. Yep, dates prior to the 19th (Detroit) are postponed to later dates (to be scheduled).
  16. Just the gold ones. Silver isn’t ready yet. I haven’t had a chance to spin mine yet, but the packaging itself (thin single sleeve) is super disappointing for how much these were.
  17. Ugh this is so damn pricey. https://us.cloudshillshop.com/collections/featured/products/the-mars-volta-landscape-tantrums-lp “Unfinished Original Recordings Of De-Loused In The Comatorium”
  18. I got a shipping notice on my Viper Room (gold) - unless I missed it did that somehow hopscotch the live in Japan one?
  19. Watched that Vietnamese horror movie The Guardian that just recently popped up on Netflix. It was pretty disappointing - couple positives are that it looks great and that V-pop in it is really good; around the midpoint it feels like it’s ramping up into a really fun batshit mindset but it it quickly goes downhill and settles into mundanity and mediocrity. Definitely way too long at 2+ hours and not worth the runtime.
  20. Yep, excited for sure. +Sjon (co-writer on this) was also co-writer on Lamb (in addition to numerous novels) so that's another horror-related tie.

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