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  1. I'll be interested to hear your overall thoughts on this once you're done. It's my least favorite of the Netflix series he's down, by a fairly decent margin as well. There are certainly parts of it I enjoyed - my overall response is that it's "fine" but that's about it - but I do have some fairly strong feelings about the last episode.
  2. Just saw that Something in the Dirt has its theatrical release this coming week, highly highly recommend that you check it out if you haven’t had a chance to yet. Benson and Morehead remain my two favorite directors in the speculative space. No movies for me tonight, catching Godspeed you Black Emperor at a local show.
  3. Watched Barbarian last night since it’s on HBO now and thought it was fine? I did enjoy the location / set work quite a bit, but ultimately found it oddly inconsistent in tone and pacing. Again, it was fine, but I thought it would be better based on reception.
  4. Yep, same issues for me around not being able to quote and the notification issue as well. The issues are occurring for me on Chrome, Edge, and Safari - on my phone, work laptop, personal laptop, and personal computer.
  5. I thought VHS 99 was pretty meh. The first few minutes are cool and definitely feel like stuff I used to watch in the late 90’s but none of the shorts were better than alright. The last short was by the same guy who stared in / directed Deadstream, and was probably the one I liked the best, but overall it was super underwhelming.
  6. We watched Deadstream on Shudder last night - found footage film with a heavy dose of Evil Dead 2 - esque silliness. I enjoyed it fine for what it is; the location they used is super creepy, but it never gets overly scary (boo); it does a decent enough job of balancing being unnerving and funny though. It's worth a free watch.
  7. Yeah, that’s a great one for sure. His follow up - Piercing - is great in a very different way.
  8. Yep, sure enough, I found Dan's post on the Landland IG. I'll stalk their site to see if they drop APs, as they typically almost always sell them down the road.
  9. I dig that. Looks like Jay Ryan lettering, so I assume he did the print? I don’t see it on his instagram, but he certainly doesn’t post everything over there. Definitely want to grab a copy, hopefully I can just do so at the Dallas show.
  10. First I’m seeing anything on this. I’ll probably check it out when it hits streaming; I’m a big Alabama fan so I’ll check it out for that odd-tie-in if for no other reason 😂
  11. It was brand new to me as of yesterday. Was mostly just bullshitting around online trying to find a movie and came across it.
  12. We watched the isolation/quarantine-produced found footage film “He’s Watching” last night; I really liked it, and was unsettled through most of it so it’s effective. We had to rent it, doesn’t appear to be available on streaming yet. Couple caveats - It does veer into student-film / arthouse fare on occasions (which I enjoy, but certainly not for everyone) + it probably goes on a bit too long. Regardless, I recommend it.
  13. We watched this last night and it was fine. It’s pretty straightforward - and yeah, nothing new here - but I guess it was enjoyable enough. We started watching Wellington Paranormal and are all caught up to “live” now - great funny show. Also very excited for series 2 of Los Espookys starting next month! Not horror at all but we finally started checking out the Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest and love it so far.
  14. I finally got around to watching She Dies Tomorrow. It was interesting. I don’t think it was ever really pushed as a horror movie, maybe just horror-adjacent or sci-fi but it wasn’t really either of those though; it ends up mostly successful as a philosophical rumination or thought experiment. I don’t know if I recommend it or not, but I think I liked it. I at least liked that it was something new to me, and I mean that sincerely.
  15. It’s seriously so great. I cannot wait for the opportunity to watch it a couple more times. I’m not gonna say anymore about it.
  16. I watched Glorious earlier today and really enjoyed it, nice little slice of cosmic horror.
  17. Yeah, it was the whole reason I told my wife to steer clear; ultimately it was pretty brief but it stuck with me for a bit.
  18. We watched Umma last night; reviews I’d read were not promising, so I held off on renting it, but my wife loves Sandra Oh and it’s on streaming now. It was below average, but at least doesn’t try and pad it’s run time, so the quick 82 minutes was good. Otherwise it was pretty toothless and what eventually is going to happen is telegraphed from the start…
  19. Scenes that took place in/around the stairwell? 😬
  20. We checked this out last night, it was pretty good. I definitely thought that the medium is better, but this was still enjoyable and had some decent ideas.
  21. Kids are back in school so I'm getting a bit of time to myself to watch movies again, so I watched this with my pup this morning. I dug it, agree it was worth watching.
  22. What Josiah Saw was pretty good in a bleak AF southern gothic kind of way.
  23. This is on Prime now and I still cannot recommended it highly enough. Go in blind if you can, trust me.
  24. Yeah, we checked that out over the weekend and really enjoyed it. Great flick, lots of fun.