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  1. Yeah, I never thought a girl could ruin a band for me THIS bad. I would say this was too soon if I weren't laughing my ass off right now, hahahaha.
  2. Hi! I have a copy of Tiny Moving Parts' This Couch.. on black vinyl (/100) from their first tour after they released this LP with Kind of Like records. No clue what the dang thing is worth. My girlfriend slept with the vocalist so I need it out of my life. PM offers please!
  3. what's that record in between building nothing and the 764-HERO split?
  4. i'll definitely grab that basement lp, i'm seeing them in august
  5. does anyone know where i could pick one of these up, or if someone has an extra they'd like to get rid of? i'm not too picky on the variant. either way, i'd really appreciate it!
  6. the second pressing of the draft by football, etc. has a pink variant and it's gorgeous. stunning record too. just got mine in the mail yesterday! http://footballetc.bigcartel.com/product/the-draft-lp-2nd-pressing
  7. same problem with the pm. i'm interested in the lack long after and scratched listener if you haven't sold them though.

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