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  1. Where's all the will yip hating that was going on last month ? This album sounds great. As in I love it
  2. Yea thanks for that. I actually found a fuck ton of retailers online. I should have googled it before I posted here but I just woke up from 2 hours of sleep so I blame sleep deprivation
  3. So SRC is sold out of the 180 gram. I missed the boat on the hot topic variant. Is there anywhere else to pick this up or am I screwed like bsn?
  4. I won't be able to order until Friday. How's the hot topic quantity look ?
  5. I will be happy if I can snag any of these variants. I really want the oxblood but I may bot have a choice when it comes time to pull the trigger. There's so many factors that go into my vinyl purchasing. Timing kids rent etc etc
  6. I need to make sure I don't sleep on this. Those numbers scare me a bit on exclusivness
  7. Can an admin close this ? This is a done deal.
  8. Thanks man. I love SRC to death but their wait times are ridiculous
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I did know about this already but I'm getting impatient for their release lol.

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