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  1. You can also order it from Flight 13, they have an english language site as well http://www.flight13.com/?locale=en
  2. I ordered it from a german mailorder (Green Hell). According to Tre from Deathwish, it appears to be the exclusive color for the european distributer
  3. I know someone who has one of those silkscreened MT tests and held it in my hands one time. I never ever washed my hands again after that for sure
  4. is it the lighting or is your orange micf pink? yeah it´s a peachy pink, definetly not the regular orange. It looks pretty much like in the picture in reality. I´ll post a picture without flah later
  5. Or maybe there is an a European only color? We did that with You Fail Me (white was Euro only) Hmmm oh well, here we go, eight variations...Yu will be stoked, haha
  6. A European color? That would be insane!!!! Ha, wouldn´t you know about a european color? Actually, I just saw a copy on german ebay. The seller stated it as gold-clear vinyl....
  7. I just got a mail from the german Flight13 mailorder that my order with the Converge LP has shipped today. Maybe Europe will get a special color as well. I´ll keep you updated when I received the package
  8. Whatever. Although 1500 black seems more realistic. It seems he sold a lot of them on the euro tour and nearly every distro and recordstore over here had black copies for sale
  9. actually, no. according to Chuck´s homepage: I was refering to the black/white inside out that I quoted earlier
  10. Against the grain was the record the took me to punkrock and hc in 1990. So I´d vote for that. But I see it as a unit together with Suffer and No control. These 3 albums are definetly my favourite BR phase. But I also enjoy most of their other records, except for those two being New America and No substance. Against the grain Suffer No control Stranger than fiction Process of belief Back to the known Into the Unknown Generator Recipe for hate How could hell be any worse Tested s/t EP The grey race New maps of hell Empire strikes first No substance The new America
  11. Hope you had a good one with some beers...
  12. that record is totally worth the 50 bucks
  13. yeah, there´s no way they only pressed 200 copies of that. Could it be an euro press maybe, limited to 200? GH often did euro pressings for the S1D releases, like Gaslight A, Fake Problems or the Fallon split....
  14. If anybody missed out the S1D preorder, the german Green Hell mailorder has copies of the picture 7" for sale in their webstore: http://www.greenhell.de/katalog/punk/detail_50105.html?page=1&searchstring=chuck%20ragan&bezeichnung=band_album&searchmediatype=-1&listcount=15