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  1. I didn't realize I was already getting sent a copy and bought an /300 too. That's not numbered yeah but the club one is lol. I couldn't decide which variant was better so I just kept both. The Web is incredible
  2. I don't care for LWS either but your ears are fuckin broke if the last album didn't do it for you.
  3. Looks like the colors just mixed together. Happens with certain combos.
  4. Damn... and they've only released multi-multi-platinum records so who knows where all these fans are coming from.
  5. Probably another stupid Deep Elm stipulation. I'm guessing it was the last time they could use those plates and shelling out more money for plates for a 3LP release is expensive.
  6. That's normal. An odd warped record every now and then also won't cause significant wear. My rule of thumb is if it doesn't skip because of the warp then it's fine.
  7. Trying to keep this spoiler free, but I was glad what happened in the end happened. At that point I thought Ellie was ridiculous for continuing after everything that went down and seeing how Abby completely mirrored Joel (who was a complete garbage person before meeting Ellie and finding his kinder side for seemingly no reason... same as Abby with Lev). I fucking hated having to play as Abby for the first hour or two but she grew on me once I noticed how Joel-like she was. I just feel like Naughty Dog went too far with her muscles for a lot of people to stop and empathize with her as much as a child or a good looking woman. The internet got mad she was trans before release too which is kind of hilarious because she's just BUILT. My main beef is that aiming the bow is hard for no reason now. Lobbing an arrow across the map through someone's neck in the first game was so satisfying but nearly impossible in part 2.
  8. Oh god you're one of those people Wayne Coyne: "Sometimes, people think, "Wayne, that's such a quirky song," but I don't think it is. To me, if you were around me, you would think, "Oh yeah, you guys are sort of like that." I think that that song -- probably because I've said it -- people have taken it as meaning sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. When people say, "She Don't Use Jelly," they always think I'm referring to some kind of sex jelly or something, you know? But I wasn't! When I was writing this song, it was simply about, instead of putting butter and jelly on toast, we were talking about putting Vaseline on toast, tricking someone. Sometimes, we would think that the butter we were using was basically just grease anyway. So, it was based on this silly, but realistic version of what was happening in our lives."
  9. "The critically lauded Embryonic is the moment they fell apart because Wayne's personal life offends me."
  10. I meant I get why it's hated not that I didn't like it, I know what you're talking about and agree. Also, the b-side from the Space Oddity single fits perfectly on the album (forgot between which two tracks off the top of my head but there are frogs in the outro of whatever preceeds it) and I wish they used it on the 2LP version.
  11. I "get" the hate for Oczy but Embryonic and The Terror are pretty great