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  1. Last one I bought from vinyl digital was $20 for a 2LP are they really that expensive now? Jeez
  2. And that would have been pertinent info to prevent yourself from looking like a dick in the OP. Why do you care about the pressing info of a trashed record that is unplayable to the point of needing a complete refund though? Seems like most people would call it a day and move on. Blonde has a black cover on black vinyl, anything different is a boot and has no info. Boots exist coz Frank is a weirdo that doesn't want money... a selfless service to anyone who missed out however many years ago it was available at this point lol.
  3. They throw whatever shit they have lying around in the pressing machines for bootlegs. It's typical to have them all be different. You're a dick for getting a refund after saying you don't care about what the pressing is though.
  4. I'm gonna pretend I just bought CFUTF for the first time so it feels like no wait at all arriving this week.
  5. Have you heard if the digital one is different from the vinyl and CD? Making 3 versions?
  6. They must sound different live cuz that last VT album is fantastic
  7. Nice I can pretend I didn't miss the first pressing now.
  8. Imagine if we had a vinyl bot that posted good links from good distros 😍
  9. Neither is bandaids or qtips but that doesn't make you any less insufferable than the copyright holders by insisting you respect their brand and drop the 's'. Don't compare this situation to the plural form of vinyl which is an actual word with real language rules attached.
  10. Those two songs are laughably identical no matter how you feel. Although I can see how there would be a correlation between not hearing it and enjoying this album.
  11. Does he? Go ahead and listen to those two songs back to back and see if you can say that again lol
  12. It's just a cover record I dunno why anyone is upset. They just ran out of new ideas its expected at this point.