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  1. They must sound different live cuz that last VT album is fantastic
  2. Nice I can pretend I didn't miss the first pressing now.
  3. Imagine if we had a vinyl bot that posted good links from good distros 😍
  4. Neither is bandaids or qtips but that doesn't make you any less insufferable than the copyright holders by insisting you respect their brand and drop the 's'. Don't compare this situation to the plural form of vinyl which is an actual word with real language rules attached.
  5. Those two songs are laughably identical no matter how you feel. Although I can see how there would be a correlation between not hearing it and enjoying this album.
  6. Does he? Go ahead and listen to those two songs back to back and see if you can say that again lol
  7. It's just a cover record I dunno why anyone is upset. They just ran out of new ideas its expected at this point.
  8. It's short as hell but auto-cop as usual when Denzel is involved
  9. Thanks, I was mad I couldn't buy the VMP version even though I'm a member but this alleviates it.
  10. Was coming here to say that. This album is exactly what we should have seen coming.
  11. The scum of the earth use religion to profit off lost idiots
  12. I like all the variants but blue is best by default because of the two signed prints. Mine doesn't seem to be coming before Thursday at midnight so that'll be my first time hearing it and I can't wait. How does it compare to the Hop Along stuff for those that listened already? I'm not too worried it won't deliver after the singles though.