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  1. You probably sent 1 courteous email too. Having sent 3 in a week about something that has only been shipping for a week is probably a good reason to give bad customer service tbh haha
  2. Hop Along is a weird one. Prices are insane but when I saw them a little over a year ago they still had copies at the merch table for $20. It's been selling for more than that for a while now
  3. Yeah the people who bought multiples that got canceled know better than to post here and get laughed at. This is quiiiiiiite a few cancelations now it's pretty funny to think about their flipping dreams going down the drain with that notification email. I'm sure it happened to people who have already posted in this thread too lol
  4. I was bummed when I saw your insta comment yesterday, glad you kept trying and got a copy though!
  5. Raise your hand if you've been married to someone while they sucked someone else off! *everyone looks at Zero in the corner*
  6. Yeah can't really complain there haha thats good service
  7. If it hasn't shipped I bet an email would get you one.
  8. Why didn't you let Ethereal know??? We'll have to upgrade your firmware to be compatible with his prototype beta program.