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  1. It easily fits all four so you could just do that
  2. Here's the first time Vinyl Moon showed up on VC. It isn't pretty, poor Kess
  3. Don't say that in the Cowboy Bebop thread it makes them angry.
  4. Imagine still not realizing SRCs entire business model is putting records on sale before the artist announces them, but instead thinking it's an advantage of premium pricing because you know first.
  5. Or thats confirmation bias snowballing into a hive mind circle jerk. I've received 5 records that were too warped to play over 15 years and all were from Europe or shipped in a giant amazon box with no padding.
  6. The fact that anyone feels like media that's created by melting plastic between two plates and then scraped by a diamond to make sound should be as flawless as a CD is super funny to me. Quality hasn't gone down, price and therefor expectation are higher and thats it. You should really just blame people pressing movie and video game soundtracks in every gimmicky way possible for attracting nerd collector culture to the hobby.
  7. I saw pics and its SUCH a good fit for the artwork. I might have to double dip...
  8. Weee oooooo weeee oooooo cool kid siren weeeee ooooooo weeeeee oooooo