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  1. You have to understand the variant that sells fastest will be to the variant nerds like us who are on top of the game buy and post about owning on a record collecting website first. Clear hasn't shipped because of a defect but the two retail variants are on shelves and the band variant got shipped this/next week. A good example, the teal pressing of Ring Wars has 200 copies with 129 accounted for on discogs. The dark green 2nd pressing is also sold out but only has like 60 copies listed as owned out of 250 total because the owners are less likely to post on discogs after obtaining
  2. Statistics on discogs? Are you sure you're just not realizing the blue in clear sold out the fastest so it will be the most owned?
  3. Although I don't personally enjoy Ren & Stimpy because of its sexual predator creator and obvious rapey themes from his fucked mind, I feel like it's one instance where Ross can make a record without worrying about anyone but the license holder getting any money.
  4. Like, who the fuck cares if the first song is missing?
  5. I feel like if it wasn't broken already you'd see the piece in the cellophane. This honestly makes me think less of RFC, they really didn't have to return that and are now broadcasting their shittiness.
  6. I knew it was gonna be this when I saw the thread title. It's hilarious but not really that big of a deal when you factor in the fact that the label was probably asking them to return a clearly broken record for a new one. There's really no reason they should have had to return it so this seems like a petty response.
  7. Quality content this thread was made for hahaha. Hope its alright when you get it!
  8. Personally, whether or not I like someone in power I won't shoot myself in the foot and play contrarian when they are for something that benefits my life after I've been advocating for it. Consider it a happy accident your vote didn't count against something you want like you hoped it would lmao
  9. I usually just line my printed inner sleeves with a mofi sleeve then put the record in. Done it with hundreds of records, even when a sleeve is already split the mofi sleeve inside stops the split from spreading. I feel like this way takes up next to no extra space and preserves the presentation perfectly. I've had maybe 1 or 2 sleeves that didn't fit the mofi sleeve inside overall.
  10. You're not allowed to buy from that link he so kindly offered since he ruined your day.
  11. Sorry I got confused and thought you meant the hole shrunk and not the record itself. Makes a lot more sense this way haha. Anyways, that hole is 1-2mm larger than normal tops. Not half an inch...
  12. That's the exact opposite of what they're asking which seems stupid now after seeing a picture.
  13. That's a regular ass spindle hole size wtf? Have you just never seen a record?
  14. I'm at a loss. Never seen or heard of something like that.
  15. So not 45rpm holes? Just twice as big as normal?

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