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  1. Anyone else see why I asked now? Lol Thank you for this and your next post. The more ya know.
  2. Yeah, but why? Is it quieter? Mixed better? More dynamics? You'll find on this forum people just say things with no reason quite often. I doubt there will be more than one person that can even make this comparison here so it would be nice to have more info.
  3. Yeah, these ICP singles totally enforce how not stupid buying a mini turntable is. You can learn about rainbows and magnets together with others sharing a similar complete lack of brain function to the point where small stuff makes good conversation.
  4. Can we lock this thread? There have been too many "haha look at this stupid release" threads lately. Creed counts as 50. Unless OP is actually interested in this? I'm not sure if it actually has opinions or not.
  5. Same. I was actually mad about it first listen but it grew so much.
  6. Lmao you got me good. Nobody click that link.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/Ear-Bleeding-Country-White-Limited/dp/B07GRM8SSM/ref=mp_s_a_1_10?keywords=Dinosaur+jr+vinyl&qid=1565550765&s=gateway&sr=8-10
  8. Bullmoose points. If you buy 3 in one order you can get basically get the 4th one for half off. Even if you don't it'll eventually work out cheaper cuz Bullmoose is the best. Can also order all 4 separate for the same price which doesn't do anything but it's fun.