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  1. The common SRC business practice is to put things up for sale before they're announced by whoever is releasing it. I dunno why anyone even let's them carry their records anymore.
  2. Figured this would be about digital mastering being pressed to vinyl less lately and came in ready to dispute it... but instead this shit?
  3. Can't complain about a mockup if they print the mockup onto a picture disc
  4. I dunno what this band is but wow is this funny. If I ever ordered a "mint" variant and got that I'd be pretty peeved.
  5. There Existed an Addiction to Blood is this years AE.
  6. Wondering the same. I had to request an address change and hope they don't fuck up.
  7. The other side probably has mostly blue too with hints of red/yellow. Usually the case with triple merge variants.
  8. Because children buy Blink records.
  9. The Flaming Lips should always be judged on an album by album basis, you never know what you're gonna get. I know pitchfork sucks but Zaireeka and The Soft Bulletin are a good example, Zaireeka got a 0.0 then next album The Soft Bulletin pulled a perfect 10.
  10. Hope y'all that aren't interested in The Soft Bulletin already own it. Such a great record.
  11. I just assume every 4th wave emo band died in 2016 and get super surprised when one of them releases anything.
  12. I wish this whole thread had a retard text filter on it, would make hella sense.