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  1. No, Blink from 20 years ago when they played power chords and sang about dicks.
  2. You've said nothing of substance, including your stupid post count clout bullshit.
  3. All music sounds like how Blink 182 should have progressed if this band does.
  4. Guy sounds like Mark Hoppus... dis blink 182 listen to guitar structure so similar wow cool
  5. Just heard about this new record the other day and couldnt be more stoked to hear it. I definitely thought they broke up
  6. Who in their right mind would think that?
  7. I absolutely love Beach Music and Rocket but Gretel is better than anything on those two albums. Except maybe Judge. I'm definitely gonna wear it out before the LP drops.
  8. You guys are insane, a full version of SPCM is something everyone has wanted forever.
  9. It's def a SDRE album. Not a bad thing but they got their own sound next record.
  10. Am I misremembering or did Sagarmatha get a pretty underwhelming response when it released? I remember seeing a lot of people say it was their worst back then.
  11. Yeah if I ask for something to be cancelled that's a courtesy because I know if they wanna refuse I'll just go tell PayPal and get my money back anyways. I normally wouldn't advocate it either but if they wanna put new stuff up every day and not combine shipping...