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  1. Weird they aren't supposed to have boots for sale on discogs anymore. Obviously never pay more than $20 for a boot.
  2. Here's some. I'd take a black press over that color choice
  3. Nope. It actually makes fixing a warp nearly impossible.
  4. Please don't make any mention of this selling for that much please. It gives some of our more sensitive members an attitude.
  5. They played this song when I saw them in april. Can't wait to hear the rest.
  6. It is. 180 doesn't mean anything it just feels solid to hold.
  7. 15 copies left of the more limited variant. + 2 bonus tracks. http://www.counterintuitiverecords.com/products/655165-rozwell-kid-too-shabby-deluxe-edition
  8. Someone take away my spotify account so I don't overplay this. I've been being good about it lately but god damn is this a jam only Caspian could put out.
  9. Triple Crown are Chicago right? Midnight is like 45 min away for them.
  10. Don't bother cooking it Holyvacantstare will get heated enough to pop it for you through the internet.