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  1. Title says it all. Just looking to get rid of some stuff I don't really listen to much Nothing - Guilty of Everything (rainbow splatter) - $35ppd (EX/NM condition, played a few times, cleaned well and stored safely) Brand New - Deja Entendu (180g black repress) - $22ppd (EX condition, played a few times only) Coheed and Cambria - The Afterman - Descension : Big Beige Demos (coke bottle) - $16 (NM+ condition, still in shrinkwrap too, but the pressing itself is kinda "eh") United Nations - United Nations (deluxe white repress) - $20ppd (NM+, still in shrinkwrap, played a couple times, kept well cleaned) The Maine - American Candy (Hot Topic white/blue swirl) - $30ppd (sealed) Citizen - Everybody is Going to Heaven (purple w/beer and black splatter) - $35PPD (NM, played once, slight seam split on printed sleeve) Manchester Orchestra - COPE + Every Stone/Escape 7" - $16ppd (VG+ condition for COPE, VG for the 7") Disasterpeace - It Follows OST (light blue/dark blue split with splatter) - $30ppd (EX/NM condition, still in shrinkwrap with a very minor split on top) Tyler Bates- Dawn of the Dead OST (orange) - 20ppd (EX condition, played a couple times) Bjork - Vespertine (White) - 33ppd (sealed) Mark Kozelek: What's Next To The Moon - $27ppd (NM+, still in shrinkwrap, kept well cleaned and stored in MoFi sleeves) Rock 'n' Roll Singer - $19ppd (NM+ still in shrinkwrap, well cleaned and stored in MoFi sleeves) Slowdive - Blue Day (180g Blue) - $27ppd (EX, minor marks on outer plastic sleeve and jacket, but otherwise looks and plays great) What I'm looking to buy: Sara Bareilles - Stay (RSD '12 7") The Cribs - Ignore The Ignorant Friday Night Lights OST
  2. Just as the title says. I know it's a bit last minute but I'm hoping someone on here has an extra.
  3. I got 5/6. I didn't have any problem at all picking up the differences between 128 and 320 kbps, however it was definitely trickier telling what was 320 and what was WAV, esp on the Coldplay track.
  4. Which one? haha. With a Sort Of Grace I Walked to the Bathroom to Cry is one of the real standout tracks of the album for me. It's such a departure from what I expected but I really like how he's exploring this new sound of this on this song. I can't say the same about Ali/Spinks 2 though.. not really feeling it there.
  5. For anyone looking for a link just check out HasItLeaked and they'll have the info on where to go to download it
  6. Bjork - Post dropcards.com/post code: YTKFQQFRZ5
  7. Title Fight - Hyperview www.dropcards.com/vinyl Code: 3934ZHKY97 Disasterpeace - It Follows OST www.dropcards.com/itfollows Code: Q33D6NMGYK
  8. blue copy from the euro leftovers got here today. It was unsealed but placed in a poly sleeve, also the printed inner sleeve was totally destroyed by seam splits. Another curious thing I noticed is that the jacket appears to be a bit different than the first Euro or US run. It's noticeably thicker and sturdier and feels different too. Anyone one else's appear the same?
  9. I have a sealed, practically mint copy of Whats Next To The Moon I'm looking to trade for either one of the following: Kevin Devine - She Stayed As Steam Kevin Devine - Driving Baby Lips (would throw in some cash) Passion Pit - Kindred (Clear) unsealed is fine as long as it's in acceptable condition. Thanks

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