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  1. I messaged you on Reddit about that MCS spilt
  2. The older pressings of "Still Searching" on a single LP sound like hot garbage. Like, the worst album I own out of 800. I never spin it mainly because of how terrible it sounds. Every repress they did used the same plates, so a x2 LP set is a huge relief.
  3. So you collect variants, but don't even bother opening the variants to see them? I cannot understand that, but oh well.
  4. My repress came in today. Probably the best sounding of the 3. Doesn't have the extra tracks (Anniversary and the hidden track) like the 2012 pressing does, and that one has pretty noticeable inner groove distortion. I think that helps this one a bit. I though the mock up looked horrible for the new variants, but honestly it matches the look of the album art pretty well!
  5. Actually there aren't even any credits listed on the album. Gatefold opens to the lyrics and no printed inner sleeve. So, ya, they kinda did, haha!
  6. Hey, they had to remove all evidence of "he who shall not be named". That explains the big difference in the back and gatefold artwork compared to the previous 2012 and OG pressing.
  7. Very exciting! The original pressing I have has some neat liner notes explaining alot of the meaning behind certain songs and their origin. Pretty cool, but I'll probably pick up a repress too!
  8. Making progress. Would love to find a red eyes version of the Cheshire Cat album
  9. Managed to get a few of these, but still on the lookout for a bunch.
  10. WTB any of the following: Alkaline Trio - I Lied My Face Off Face to Face - Over It Senses Fail - From The Depths of Dreams (OG Brown pressing) Face to Face - Big Choice (Original 1995 promo pressing) blink-182 - Cheshire Cat (Original Red Eyes pressing) The Story So Far/Maker - Split 7"
  11. I've been missing both these albums and this thread got me to finally pick them up. Thanks for the insight!
  12. Been difficult finding a copy of this Atari's album. If you have a copy you'd like to sell, let me know.
  13. I'm ready to drop some coin on this album. Who has a copy they'd like to sell?
  14. Tried chasing one of these on eBay earlier this week and failed. So does anyone have an OG copy of this album they'd part with? Ready to pay ASAP. Thanks!
  15. Looking for any variant of this album. Just want a copy to actually be able to play. Thanks!
  16. My splatter variant came in today. Looks and sounds good!
  17. Same here! I got the bundle before they sold out, and didn't get anything extra.
  18. Looking for any variant of the following Sweller's albums: My Everest Good For Me Thanks!
  19. Anyone have a copy of this they'd sell for a reasonable price? It's a big hole in my Senses Fail collection. Thanks!
  20. Just want to say this album came in today and it sounds really great, better than the original press I own. They also cut this on at 45 while the original is 33 1/3.

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