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  1. Looking for a nofx 7" gold box set and senses fail life is not a waiting room, either variant.
  2. Bump. And how dare someone sell something on this board thats worth more now than its original retail.
  3. looking to unload this, mint condition. looking for $70ppd. given prices on the bay, i think this is a fair price. can get this out monday.
  4. Looking to sell this. Kingsroad did a rather poor job of shipping and the inner sleeve and jacket have a split where the record cut through. Nothing horrible but definitely a minor issue. If you can live with it, Pm offers.
  5. Few things sold, few pending. Evening people, get at me.
  6. Dangers was way better than titles. I really loved paul's voice, too. I'm iffy about this one.
  7. Haven't bumped this in a while. Still selling. Late Night peeps?
  8. Title says it all. Pm me. Im not looking to pay a fortune for these and prefer to buy both from one person. Hit me up, i can make you an offer.
  9. Hey guys, if you're interested in anything hit me up. These are mostly common variants but I'm selling cheap. Willing to deal with you.

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