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  1. There’s also a shit ton of leftover colored vinyl. Scooped that NUFAN Rarities with a quickness. Bummed that Bombpops wasn’t up though, still regret not pulling the trigger on that. Edit: I didn’t realize @snowynz had referenced the leftovers in their post. Was in too much of a hurry to order the GR record. Thanks for the post!
  2. I suppose you're right. The disclaimer that the vinyl may vary from the image is what made me think they might be the same. Flight 13 doesn't ship to the US. Bummer. If anyone would be down to help out, please let me know.d flexi.
  3. This has to be the same as the KRM Euro variant, right?
  4. Yeah, someone from Canada helped me out last time around. I was just curious if I should expect there to be a Canadian exclusive again. Would also be willing to trade one of those Larry Arms Metropole Midwest exclusives for a Canadian copy of Victory Lap.
  5. Counts are listed on the descriptions on the KRM site for each variant.
  6. I wonder if there'll be a Canadian exclusive variant this time around. If so, ISO someone in Canada to hook me up. I'll cover the cost for your copy as well as shipping to you, and again to me for my copy.
  7. Zach Quinn's solo album is up for preorder. http://www.fatwreck.com/record/detail/967
  8. Fat Wreck accepts PayPal. You have to choose it as an option before you start checkout.
  9. Merch from the Icarus launch (including the Carl Sagan 12") are up in the Vault Novelties Store if you're a Vault member. http://thirdmanstore.com/vault/vault-novelties
  10. Box set came packed in a box just a bit bigger than the box set. Wrapped in two sheets of thin bubble wrap and about a dozen styrofoam peanuts tossed in. No surprise that the box is damaged. Seam splits on almost every inner sleeve (not a big deal to me). Hoping they replace the box. Also missing inserts for Robbin' the Hood, Secondhand Smoke, & Jah Won't Pay the Bills. Anyone know whether or not they should've included inserts with these?
  11. I'd LOVE a SE of NUFAN All the Best Songs if it's available. Missed out on the color version due to the shortage.