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  1. I have: B&C - Separation, First Press, Blue/Sun Fire Split /500 B&C - Separation, First Press, Black /500 TSSF - Under Soil and Dirt, First Press, Cream w/ Red / Blue Splatter /200 TSSF - What You Don't See, First Press, Watermelon Splatter /500 TSSF - What You Don't See, First Press, 180 Gram Black /500 and I have this TSSF flag: Willing to take offers on all of them, send me a PM.
  2. Cool to see this posted on here. I'm from the same area in NY as them originally, my buddy's band played with them a bunch. Great group of dudes and great tunes.
  3. The Story So Far - Under Soil And Dirt - Tan w/ Red & Blue Splatter /200 (first press) PM me an offer. Anything else on the list you want to make an offer on as well: https://deadformat.net/collection/davey_jones
  4. Seriously. TNF is like a gift from the football gods. How about my Giants though? Two good games in a row... didn't think I'd see that until the second half of the season. Larry fucking Donnell coming out of no where this year. All the preseason talk was about how we had 0 talent at TE.
  5. I think he recognized the shotgun as belonging to the Sons. Not sure about that, but he saw it and got real angry quick. Probably isn't too hard to put two and two together that the Sons probably wanted no witnesses.
  6. Jon Stewart nailed this point last night. They sell a product that undoubtedly increases the chances of domestic violence, yet want to climb up on their high horse.
  7. Bell and Stacy for sure. I think Jennings is a good start at flex. As a Giants fan, I fully expect JJ Swat to fuck up Eli's day significantly. If they are smart they will lean on Rashad and throw a bunch of screens and shorts passes to him as well.
  8. Definitely start Lacy and Murray. Jamaal might play so watch that for Kniles. If Jamaal sits, Flex Kniles for sure. Alshon and Edleman, assuming it is PPR. If not PPR, Alshon and Sanu (if Green is out), or TY (if Green plays)
  9. This show is always about chain smoking lol. But for real, I'm assuming that guy was the Indian Hills' president's son or some close relation. Not sure why he wouldn't have told Jax it was his son in the first place?
  10. I would have suggested Benjamin. Dude has tons of upside.
  11. Brought up that exact same point about Unser to my girlfriend. Dude was one foot in the grave like 6 years ago.
  12. Don't trade AP. Benjamin is the best player on that list, but I doubt you have 3 other roster spots you are willing to drop. I'd maybe try to get Benjamin and a better RB than Moreno. Don't get suckered in by 1 good week out of him. For the Rams D, I think the point was made above. As good as their pass rush is, they will be on the field A LOT this season and will inevitably get scored on. Not enough big play potential from the secondary to make up for it. I'd stick with the 49ers who will be getting some studs back later in the season.
  13. what a rough week 1 so far. a lot of big name flops.