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  1. Thanks a lot, just swung by and they still had a few. Appreciate it!
  2. Have seen it here: https://omegamusicdayton.tuneportals.com/AdvancedSearch?search_term=ghost+world&submit=Search And also on a UK site that I am blanking on.
  3. Looking for Ghost World, if anybody has any leads. Also, I've seen a few preorders popping up for black and green versions. Anyone know for sure if this is being planned for a wider release? Would help an eventual decision to pay high prices on eBay/Discogs...
  4. Prince of Darkness - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP https://mondotees.com/collections/music/products/prince-of-darkness-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-lp?variant=19865318588509 Not a huge fan of the art on this repress, but great Carpenter/Howarth collaboration if anyone still needs it.
  5. Oh, come on. I said initially, as in before last week. It was a joke. Not at all advocating for that dude now or ever again, as my posts in that thread clearly say. But I see that was totally unclear, my bad. Poor joke.
  6. Yeah, ok. I mean, I was initially looking forward to Big Colors a lot too, but that didn't pan out.
  7. I can totally see why you might, but I promise if I have made one post on here worthy of the sincere handle, it's that one.
  8. This showed up today from Secretly. Spinning it now, sounds great. I know it's not even March, but gonna be hard for anything to top this as my AOTY.
  9. Super cool to attack people sticking up for victims and calling out undeniably (except for you and the other guy) shitty behavior. By the way, which part of the victims' testimony do you not believe? And nobody gives a shit that you like Ryan Adams' music. That's literally why everyone else was posting in this thread in the first place.
  10. That is very clearly not what you are “just saying.” You said way more. And you brought in a number of other confirmed and accused sexual predators to back it up. It sounds terrible and uninformed about how sexual assault works for the assaulted.
  11. Can't say I've ever thought they were less than great, but it's been a little bit since I've been able to catch them. Will be seeing them again in February and expecting good things.
  12. Hell yes, finally. Instant buy, love these guys.
  13. I'm trying not to wear this out before I can spin the actual LP, but it's tough. This album is insanely good.
  14. This album is really great. And makes me want to go back and listen to the golden age Saddle Creek stuff.
  15. Was hoping the lineup changes and a break from touring would have recharged his writing a bit but a covers EP doesn't really inspire much confidence. I still consider the first two EPs among the best music of the last ten years. But pretty sure those were a fluke, unfortunately. I liked LP1 but by the second, I felt like he was just writing Mad Libs. I don't know how many more times I can hear the same four chords and the words drunk, young, wild, and loud interchanged for ten songs straight. Still kills it live though.