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  1. For anyone into weird VHS-era soundtracks, this was also supposed to be an RSD release but available now: BUD THE C.H.U.D. https://www.terror-vision.com/store/chud-ii-ost-1989-lp-by-nicholas-pike
  2. Dawn of the Dead and Halloween Expanded appear back in stock also.
  3. Not weighing in at all on the overall argument here, but this isn't right. At all. The definition of empathy is sharing feelings with another. It has zero to do with hierarchy or the condescension you're describing. I don't know, maybe you're thinking of sympathy?
  4. Uh whoops never mind. Death Waltz just posted on IG that it’s going up next week. Hell yeah.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. Really hope Hellraiser II drops eventually, was pretty pumped for that one.
  6. Surprised no one posted this: https://mondotees.com/products/ghostbusters-original-motion-picture-score-2xlp Also, appears they are doing some sort of drop every day this month. Praying most of it is stuff I can easily pass on.
  7. Has anyone heard any of the music? Curious, but on the fence over how much I'd play it.
  8. Sort of unclear from the post. They say two variants to choose from and then in the comments say subscribers are getting the splatter. So maybe the splatter is not exclusive to subscribers but they are guaranteed one? Strange if that's the case. I'm not a subscriber, but judging from the comments on all of the posts today, sounds like you are not alone in wondering what's going on with the subscriptions.
  9. Thanks a lot, just swung by and they still had a few. Appreciate it!
  10. Have seen it here: https://omegamusicdayton.tuneportals.com/AdvancedSearch?search_term=ghost+world&submit=Search And also on a UK site that I am blanking on.
  11. Looking for Ghost World, if anybody has any leads. Also, I've seen a few preorders popping up for black and green versions. Anyone know for sure if this is being planned for a wider release? Would help an eventual decision to pay high prices on eBay/Discogs...
  12. Prince of Darkness - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP https://mondotees.com/collections/music/products/prince-of-darkness-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-lp?variant=19865318588509 Not a huge fan of the art on this repress, but great Carpenter/Howarth collaboration if anyone still needs it.
  13. Oh, come on. I said initially, as in before last week. It was a joke. Not at all advocating for that dude now or ever again, as my posts in that thread clearly say. But I see that was totally unclear, my bad. Poor joke.
  14. Yeah, ok. I mean, I was initially looking forward to Big Colors a lot too, but that didn't pan out.
  15. I can totally see why you might, but I promise if I have made one post on here worthy of the sincere handle, it's that one.