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  1. Right on! I still want to take the tour of the original filming location in Hardwick. One day: https://crystallaketours.com/
  2. Part 3: https://waxworkrecords.com/collections/vinyl/products/friday-the-13th-part-3
  3. Fell in love with this band when Sink or Swim came out. There's no way they're making an album that sounds anything like that again, and that's cool. Thought Handwritten and Get Hurt were great too in their own ways. I'm excited for whatever they do next, though I agree with the post above in hoping it's nothing like any of his solo records.
  4. I'm sure this thread's about to be locked in 3, 2, 1 (or 1-2-8)... But just wondering about the Dicky anti-vax theory, is that true? I recently read this interview, where he talks about togetherness through live music: https://digboston.com/the-dig-interviews-dicky-barrett/ This passage doesn't sound like most Covid truther stuff I've seen, more that if they can't play like they always have, and in unsafe circumstances, it's not worth it to him, which is quite different: "Now having said all that, I think there’s going to be a time when people are ready to get back into venues and to see live music the way we’ve always known it to be and what we fell in love with. I think people are probably going to take chances and they’re willing to risk their life, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be for us, so time will tell."
  5. LOL "Let's be reasonable here, I need to see more first before jumping to any conclusions, but here's a dissertation on why I think this woman's story is bullshit and she should have known better, and also people who complain about assault should grow up!"
  6. I can't think of any Waxwork releases where the final product looked wildly different from the mock up. I don't have every release, but pretty sure this will look at least pretty close to what is shown here. It's pricey, but I think the score is really cool and it looks like a quality package. Seeing the movie tomorrow, can't wait.
  7. This looks pretty amazing and the score sounds great from the two tracks released so far. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTCyo-7La0P/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  8. Glad this is finally getting a repress. Awesome album that holds up. Got mine on release day in 2003 (!) at Vintage Vinyl in NJ (RIP) where they did a joint in-store with Saves The Day, who released 'In Reverie' on the same day. Have both records signed by the bands. Anyone else there??
  9. I assume everyone here advocating for giving Ryan space to "heal" also don't believe most of the allegations against him, which he and this total fluff piece are obviously trying to discredit, since they attempt to poke holes in most of the stories. That should be your disclaimer. Otherwise, I see no reason at this point, why he couldn't acknowledge the pain expressed in the NYT article, apologize for it, and promise to do better. Some might not accept that, but I bet many would. It would at least sound sincere. Instead, it sounds like he believes he did nothing wrong, and it seems there are lots of excuses being made to hold that up, without any evidence to the contrary. "Hey, Mandy Moore could have gone and picked up the guitar anytime she wanted if she thought she didn't need me," doesn't really satisfy a whole lot.
  10. Fantastic highlight of 2003: Got this album and Thursday's 'War All The Time' signed by the bands on release day when they both played an in-store at Vintage Vinyl in NJ back-to-back. Ridiculous double bill. Anyone else there?
  11. I wouldn't put anything past Waxwork, wild as that pressing would be. I'm guessing the post is more a nod to their TMNT release, but who knows! As an aside, and as a huge fan of Les Baxter's more "traditional" exotica work, I'll never get over how batshit cool the Frogs score is. EDIT: For a second there, I confused frogs with turtles. My addled brain is clearly lagging, so maybe you're onto something!
  12. On the subject of cancelling, I will say that anyone who went to that racist insurrection on Wednesday or supports it or is too dumb to understand what it was and just calls it a "rally" should immediately be cancelled.
  13. Been looking forward to this since they first teased it a few months back, and it looks awesome, but hard to envision anything even close to a relatively reasonable price tag.
  14. ^^ best parody account of 2020. And you're right, people are totally capable of change. For instance, you can easily go from humorously feuding with Jeff Tweedy to 20 years later being outed as a full-on sexual predator with seemingly zero remorse.
  15. Yep, right on. He went silent, waiting for things to blow over, made a few vague "reflection" social media posts, and now I guess thinks it's safe to come out of hiding. Absolutely not one word about the victims or their pain (other than his own). If there were efforts made toward reconciliation and healing in private, great. But the lack of public acknowledgement or truth has been despicable. His victims were brave in coming forward to tell their stories and invited a dialog. He chose to be a self-righteous coward. No thanks.
  16. Thanks, took a shot. Not a boomer, but that Dave Pike record is awesome.
  17. Dune OST here if anyone is looking: https://jackpotrecords.com/shop/dune-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-1984-lp-limited-edition-rsd-2020 It's from the source too, so I'd imagine this is up to date.
  18. If Waxwork/Sacred Bones are going to keep doing Carpenter scores, I'm hoping to finally get a great Halloween 78. Not a fan of the Mondo releases with dialogue and their 40th anniversary reissue is better but there are the noted sound dips due to the tracks being pulled from the film. I'm no expert though, so maybe that's the best there can be. If anyone knows of another option already in existence, I'm all ears!
  19. Finally watched the whole thing. It’s all gold. And the first minute on why he doesn’t normally do unboxing videos becomes incredibly prescient.
  20. For anyone into weird VHS-era soundtracks, this was also supposed to be an RSD release but available now: BUD THE C.H.U.D. https://www.terror-vision.com/store/chud-ii-ost-1989-lp-by-nicholas-pike
  21. Dawn of the Dead and Halloween Expanded appear back in stock also.
  22. Not weighing in at all on the overall argument here, but this isn't right. At all. The definition of empathy is sharing feelings with another. It has zero to do with hierarchy or the condescension you're describing. I don't know, maybe you're thinking of sympathy?
  23. Uh whoops never mind. Death Waltz just posted on IG that it’s going up next week. Hell yeah.
  24. Thanks for the heads up. Really hope Hellraiser II drops eventually, was pretty pumped for that one.

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