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  1. updated with stuff added things that have been sold have been removed
  2. 12" Against all Authority - All Fall Down (I cut my finger on the sleeve. may be some blood on it. extra punk points) Against Me! – New Wave – Yellow 180 gram Alkaline Trio – Goddammit – White (the reissue) The AKAS - Are Everywhere Bomb the Music Industry! – Goodbye Cool World Record Release (12/50) – White with Red Splatter – Alternate Cover Bread and Circuits – S/T – Black Casket Lottery – Possibilities and Maybes – Black (2x LP) Crime in Stereo – The Troubled Stateside - White D.O.A – Bloodied but Unbowed – Picture Disc Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Armed Forces - First press? you better believe it, ugly Fake Problems - How Do You Spell Hero? - Picture Disc Fake Problems – How Far Our Bodies Go – Black Gaslight Anthem – 59 Sound - Black The Gits – Kings and Queens – Yellow with red splatter Grabass Charlestons – Ask Mark Twain – Gray? Blue? Your guess is as good as mine Hot Cross - Risk Revival - Black In the Red - Volume 2 - Blue with Purple(?) SPlatter Jon Snodgrass - Visitors Band - Clear Leftover Crack - Fuck World Trade Misfits – Earth AD/Wolfsblood Modern Life is War – Midnight in America – Blue New Bruises - Transmit! Transmit! - Red with Black Splatter New Mexican Disaster Squad - Don't Believe - White NOFX – The Longest Line – White and some brown is in there The Queers – Punk Rock Confidential - black Sage Francis - A Healthy Distrust - 2XLP Sage Francis - Personal Journals - 2xLP Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks - 1st US pressing (be ahead of the curve when its cool to like them again!) The Specials - Ghost Town b/w Why? and Friday Night Saturday Morning - Black Walleye – Familiar, forgotten - black Young Livers – New Drop Era - White 7" Against Me! - I Was a Teenage Anarchist Blood Brothers - Love Rhymes with Hideous Car Wreck - 2x 7" The Broadways - Big City Life - black Drag the River - Under the Influence - whiskey and coke colored Fake Problems - Dream Team b/w Rumble in the Jungle - Red In the Red/Git Some - Split - Red The Measure - Historical Fiction - Yellow New Mexican Disaster Squad - Peace with Nothing - Orange Ruiner - What Could Possibly Go Right - Turquoise V/A - The Kids are Gonna Pay (Leftover crack/ Morning Glory/ F-Minus/ Bent Outta Shape) Voodoo Glow Skulls - Land of Misfit Toys 10" FYP and Chaniwa - Split Spread and Teen Idols - It Found a Voice pm to make an offer. post here if there are any questions. thanks for looking.
  3. i submitted my 34 guesses. some were hard, like the one where you can just see a black corner. also, that one on the right, the white and colorful cover with red print, is bothering me. I know I've seen it before. Make sure you post the record list when the contest is over, because it is bothering the hell out of me.
  4. she was way too serious about something that was obviously a lie in the first place. also, i was more interested in the Lax stats anyway.
  5. yeah, if you could upload it or something that would be awesome. Take a look at my recordnerd first, see if there is anything you'd want. if there's nothing, you could make an asking price or id make an offer, or whatever. Im just trying to get all the regular presses for now, but thank you.
  6. anyone find a synecdoche, new york leak perchance?
  7. i will buy or trade i need nmds/western addiction split - blue weapons and equipment of counter terrorism - red (is there a black?) any Peace w/ Nothing 7"s i dont have. if there are any other records im missing, please inform me (check my recordnerd)
  8. fat usually puts the pre orders up a week before the release, correct? If not, please tell me so i can stop staring at the computer and do something productive.
  9. sweet, i was too slow and old to get the first press. (get it!)
  10. i didn't list that it was a bootleg, i just put the name on it. i'll try re-listing it anyway, i guess
  11. and do you have access or remember the username of the high bidder before it was? email him and see if he wants it still? i tried to contact him but, ebay would not let me because he wasn't bidding on any of my items (anymore, because it was taken down)
  12. i have an older led zeppelin live bootleg on vinyl. i tried selling it on ebay but, it was taken off after 4 days. i wouldn't be so angry but, the highest bid was 80.00 at the time, so there is a demand for it. i was wondering if any of you knew of an alternative to ebay where i could unload this, or maybe even some forum where these are discussed/traded (kind of like this on but with older music). thanks