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  1. polyvinyl "FIREWORKS" for 15% off ends sunday
  2. sold out. you are correct. $40 for those interested in how much they were charging.
  3. can't figure out how to post screenshot straight to the post best of luck! http://kingsroadmerch.com/this-wild-life/view/?id=5611&cid=1666
  4. so there won't be any deep web tour editions just this rsd version on the rest of tour?
  5. just got here at 2am about 40 people ahead of me
  6. Didn't see any coffee and Anthony said he believed they sold out. Maybe they'll get more but there was none at the merch table.
  7. I saw him at: rock the bells a few years back (great energy), ace of spades in sacremento (same amazing energy), and twice at 2 different venues in LA (both sold out i believe). His shows are always so energetic. One of the shows in LA was a venue on the 3rd floor and you could feel the hardwood moving. It felt like a trampoline. If you havent, you definetly need to try and see him sometime.
  8. would also be eternally grateful if any one would grab me one. Not going til may and like it has been said before, im sure there wont be any left by then.

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