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  1. I wish that instead of trying to cash in they would just make more content...
  2. grabbed that second code.....i started reading the description and was like "this does not seem up his ally" and then got to CERN part and was like "ooooooohhhhhh, this makes TOTAL sense"
  3. Ultimate Fakebook -- "The Preserving Machine" WANDA -- "One Hit" Hainbach -- "Assertion" Boris -- "NO" are my top contenders this year
  4. Incredibly detailed response. Spot-on. I would have to echo the sentiment about the online community aspect of it. I don't post here often anymore either (was without a computer for years...it's still spotty if I'm being honest) but enjoy coming back in every once in a while to see if there is anything I have missed coming out. I still buy and listen to records, but I find myself purchasing more used than anything else these days. I have made a decent handful of friends off of this board that I keep in touch with in some degree or another outside of here. Some of the SXSW meetups w
  5. this was a fun jog down memory lane. I'm one of the suckers that really enjoyed the Under The Influence 7"s and took the bait and bought the package for "every one of these we do" or whatever it was. Wish he would kind of....Just own up to his bullshit, but whatever. Sincerely hope Virgil, Ronniethebear, and RJ all ultimately felt shitty for what they did and have learned and grown from it and are attempting to be better people.
  6. I tried to download this. It says there aren't any tracks available at this time? oh well
  7. This is a massive reason I dumped FB 7ish years ago. I fucking hate IG since Fuckerberg and Co took over as well. I would sincerely pay a one time $10 in app purchase to get rid of the insane amount of ads AND let it allow me to view my feed Chronologically again.
  8. I only use mine for work and Marketplace (have literally zero "friends"), use an alias as my name, and have no profile photo and obvious no other photos. Them taking away the ability to search marketplace by newest listed in order to prompt users to pay for advertising on personal items is fucking disgusting to me. I was really enjoying it far more than using Craigslist. Fuckerberg and co really love to fuck over their users and take away (useful) features.
  9. This arrived yesterday....So damn jazzed....It looks great, but I haven't gotten a chance to spin it yet, hope it sounds as great as it looks and not as bad those old rips sounded
  10. The World Forgot -- Choices or I Am the Great Silent Spaces Between Worlds
  11. Hey everyone, my band The World Forgot released our new EP today on our bandcamp page enjoy or talk shit...whichever works for you

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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