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  1. birdwell

    various download codes

    snagged a download of that new Propagandhi thanks
  2. birdwell

    The Concert Thread

    Caught Pauly Shore this past Saturday night. debating on catching Dwight Yoakam on the 20th
  3. birdwell

    The Concert Thread

    caught Rivers Edge (2/3 (Terry and Ben) of This Bike Is A Pipebomb's new band), Your Pest Band, and Invisible Teardrops this past Thursday YPB were one of the tightest garage sets I've seen in years, those dudes are so damn tuned in to one another Invisible Teardrops were killer, I'm such a fanboy of all of his bands/side projects....this is the closest one to The Wednesdays that I've seen him in, such a fun set Rivers Edge is fucking awesome, I hope they continue on for as long as ThisBikeIsPipebomb did
  4. birdwell

    Manly music for REAL MEN

    Fantastically fun live show as well
  5. birdwell

    Rap Discussion Thread

    Nerves Baddington record is streaming at The Source Stream Here
  6. this shit is hilarious, wouldn't it make more sense to keep selling this merch to fund this (Surely to be bunk) new record?
  7. He was definitely burning frames live when I watched/witnessed/helped out. One of the best days I ever had working at venues. They showed up before we were open for brunch and just chilled all damn day. Closed for soundcheck. Sophie's bridge on her violin collapsed so I ran her to a shop to get it fixed on the fly. Watched them set up that entire puddle of pedals onstage and do a soundcheck, ate with them. Watched the show, helped breakdown the set. Ran and got a ton of pizza for them. Sat around until who knows what o clock talking with Karl and Si (who was running sound for them at the time, hopefully she still is, she was pretty damn great at getting them dialed in at our weird and sonically troubling room). Memories that I hold in high regard from that venue.
  8. birdwell

    The Concert Thread

    caught Craig Brown Band tonight at my local record store, it was his birthday, there was a potluck, it was stellar. New record is on Third Man and it's pretty excellent.
  9. birdwell

    The Concert Thread

    Is Sound On Sound done by whatever company bought out FunFunFun? I know last year would've been 10 years of FunFunFun and they lost some people or got bought out and couldn't pull it together? Basically, line-up wise and the dates line up with FunFunFun, so just wondering if SOS is the new condensed FFF
  10. birdwell

    Rap Discussion Thread

    full-length about to drop. gotta song with a Fugazi sample that they got permission to use
  11. birdwell

    Louisville, KY trip

    Mellow Mushroom is a chain started in Athens, Georgia. They're quite prevalent in the south, specifically college towns, but have grown a decent ways. I know there's one in Iowa City now as well. I personally love the chain, I've yet to have a sub par bite at any of their locations.
  12. birdwell

    Louisville, KY trip

    Go eat at 610 Magnolia or MilkWood
  13. birdwell


    Ok. I'm not much for one to really pick out tastings and such other than "I like it" "I don't like it"....I find regular Maker's Mark is fine, it isn't my favorite or a go-to, it makes great cocktails and I have zero issue sipping it neat. The 46 I find much more enjoyable, I don't know what exactly about it I enjoy in whiskey talk, but to me and my pallet it seems to have more flavor, more complex flavor, and a bit more heat than regular Maker's Mark. the Cask Strength....as with most higher proof whiskies...definitely has some bite, which I enjoy...but it's a slow burn in the aftertaste. The first bit that hits your tongue is still very vanilla flavored almost...much like regular Maker's Mark. This isn't as mellow and pronounced and has more grit to it. I definitely like it more than regular Maker's Mark. It's almost more raw? Less refined? Honestly, I like the 46 better. But I don't hate this Cask Strength one tiny bit and I doubt I will end up sharing it with anybody either. I'd say, if you have the money and enjoy Maker's 46, give it a shot, I highly doubt you'll find it deplorable.