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  1. P.S. remember that short while when new LPs came with CDs? that was VERY ideal for me
  2. super jazzed I got a copy of both LPs. the button was a fun and nice surprise as well! the pressing sounds really great to my ears as well
  3. HELL YES!!! My aux input busted about 7 years ago and I've never had bluetooth. I only listen to CD's in my vehicle. I still burn CD's like it's 2002. So the download code thread in this forum is great for me. The majority of my friends give me their download codes from their newer LPs because I actually use them also. I've got LPs at home, BlueTooth speakers for showering/getting ready or cooking, CDs in my vehicle, and Tapes at work (as well as my computer for bandcamp and podcasts). I have a 10 CD case that I took from a Mercedes rental back in college that I still keep. In that case I have Joy Division "Closer", Tom Petty "Wildflowers", The Get Up Kids "Something To Write Home About", Charles Bradley "Changes", Godspeed You! Black Emperor "Lift your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven" (2 disc), Dengue Fever "Cannibal Courtship", Every Time I Die "Hot Damn!", and Neil Young "After The Gold Rush" There are a ton of other CDs floating around in the vehicle outside of the case (a lot of local stuff), but for the sake of the thread, that's my case of CD's that doesn't leave the vehicle.
  4. Picked this up at our show with them (if you follow them on IG you got to see my band for a blip!) last Friday! digging it a lot. I let Carly pick the color and she chose the Silver. Their merch right now is solid and they sound as great as ever! and JEREMY of Skatune Network was there which blew my freaking mind!
  5. New Respects tonight John Paul White Sunday night Playing with Slingshot Dakota next Friday the 3rd of May
  6. I just got a black copy of each LP. I don't need wacky colors for an extra price. Jazzed to snag a copy of each for certain though. Sincerely hope E6 puts Beaulah's Handsome Western States up on a Kickstarter like they did with this release.
  7. dude, for real! Wish like hell both of those promoters had combined those shows
  8. Truth! Jazzed to get this opportunity to play with them. Even if they don't have the new record I'll at least get to hear the new material.
  9. Descendents friday March 8th. My first time finally catching a band i've been listening to for more than half of my life. My friends' band is opening. couldn't possibly be more stoked!
  10. Aaaahhh, Crap. Somehow didn't pay attention to the release date.
  11. Just got asked to open a show for them....Hope they have some copies left when that show happens!
  12. wish Fat Possum would reissue his old band's Full Length's as well. Verbena's music was solid in my opinion.
  13. HUSK Rolf & Daughters great food PS Screw Hattie B's. Get down with Prince's or Boltons if you want the real-deal Hot Chicken