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  1. ear plugs are a solid solid choice. not that anybody gives a shit, but i had a hearing test a couple of months ago and i still have perfect hearing after as many shows as i have attended, shows i have played, and after working in music venues for years.....all because of earplugs. i still get made fun of for wearing them at 38 and i still don't give a fuck because i can hear shit that none of my friends can
  2. i am curious as to how many tickets they had up for grabs. also, tickets to this fest are a little outrageous (to me at least). i realize it is a solid line-up, but i feel it's more expensive than festivals with the same number of artists playing. also, as Scott pointed out....it is in Alabama
  3. maybe some reading glasses for the target demo of this fest. i kid i kid. yeah, anything to keep folks hydrated would prolly be a solid call
  4. hahahahaha, well played! i saw that this show, not terribly surprisingly, has already sold out. y'all enjoy!
  5. my fingers are crossed. the locals that show up will be fine, buuuuuut there will be loads of folks from out of town that just might not give a damn. hope he's up to date on his insurance
  6. my old boss used to manage Magic Platter!!! Bryan Peters if you remember him. Seasick is your spot, if i remember correctly Charlamagne finally shut down, sadly. Seasick is over in Avondale (which is the most recent part of BHam to be gentrified)
  7. and for those that don't know the Wheelhouse Salon(sponsor for the ZAO show) is also owned by one of the guys putting on FurnaceFest
  8. so, that ZAO show at the record store is my buddy's store. he used to be on this board actually as danalive (i think that was his name on here). i'm not sure how that is gonna go, he's had plenty of shows at all of his locations, but this will definitely be the biggest show there....worried the store is gonna get thrashed. rad store though, Tim Kerr did some murals of Sun Ra inside of it, he's got plenty of stuff for everyone's tastes in new and used. that Norma Jean show is at a larger venue in bham, a large open floor pit with standing room raised around it and plenty of seats and a balcony (if they have it open). their soundsystem is pretty damn great. seen a ton of shows there from all different genres and they all have sounded great. y'all enjoy
  9. honestly, i can't fathom i ever will. for me, personally, the joy of recorded music is that there is always new music to investigate or trackdown. between consistently getting turned on to older music that is new to me, robert pollard's refusal to slow-down, and jaimie barrier's non-stop song-writing, i can't image i will stop collecting and searching anytime. i have severely slowed down my purchasing, but i have a consistent backlog of stuff to track down and find.
  10. mine arrived yesterday. i worked in a music distribution warehouse for a few years....i have no idea what the complaints are about the mailers. maybe mine was shipped in a different style mailer. arrived completely fine. not certain what all the whining is about
  11. i don't need a second copy, but this album still has one of my favorite snare tones of that time period. killer songs. super fun live. fucking dashboard confessional, further seems forever, fairweather, and seville was such an insane tour back in the day.
  12. oooooof. muuuuuch rather it be a Letters Organize LP. flickerstick were the worst
  13. Totally worth checking out his last full length "Between Distant and Remote"
  14. this newest Amulets album is amazing. i really loved the last full length he did and i feel like this one blows it out of the water
  15. green/yellow/orange (inside to outside) arrived safe and sound. stoked. wish they would just do a single LP version of the Our Color Green singles. I ended up with 3 of them i think? and the GJ adapters, but i really love that ep/batch of singles.
  16. pretty bummed this didn't come with a download code. wanted to jam it in my vehicle and at work. my vehicle is from '01 so i don't have bluetooth capability and still use an ipod regularly when i'm not home. i know i'm in the minority, but i dig having a stand-alone device with a terabyte of music and a battery life of a few days if i let it play straight that doesn't eat up my phone's battery or drop out anytime i get a call.
  17. they're saying it's a lyrics decoder mirror....assuming they are pic disc 7"s with lyrics printed backwards on the b-side. but also...yes, has to be a reference to the "White Drugs" label
  18. my local record store? online distros? direct from bands/labels? are you still finding sub $5 7"s, if yes, where? i have a butt load of cassettes sitting to my left right now that i play daily while i'm at work. i'm definitely not against getting up to flip a record (7", 10", 12"). nobody is against you being into 7" records. but for me, if i'm looking at $8 for a single...especially one that's part of a record without a b-side....vs even $20-$25 it just doesn't make much sense to me. i think saying that people who don't get into 7"s is strange, that should just leave more for you to enjoy, yeah?
  19. i feel like that argument doesn't really apply anymore. the reason punk/hardcore built it's rep on 7"s is because they were blasting out quick songs and the 7" format was a cheaper and more effective/efficient way of delivering said music. the price of 7"s has priced this out of being useful for that argument. there also used to be exclusive b-sides on 7" singles...which would also warrant their purchase. i'm older, have been collecting for 20+ years, and i do not buy that argument for the 7" in the year 2021
  20. the way i read it the box is limited to 400 and each month 200 individual 7"s will be available. i could have read that wrong though. either way, i'm not terribly interested in a 7" box set regardless of who they are collaborating with for each one. i also couldn't find confirmation that there would even be exclusive b-sides on each 7". if you were getting 11 exclusive b-sides as well....that could be rad i suppose.
  21. just got their webstore version. still feel dumb for missing out on III and MEB III vinyl. i know there has to be some copies of V in some record shops somewhere out there for retail still. I'll eventually fill in the gaps i suppose

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