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  1. Hey everyone, my band The World Forgot released our new EP today on our bandcamp page enjoy or talk shit...whichever works for you
  2. Once ordered a 10" off of ebay....was packaged perfectly well. Arrived with no bends or big creases in the cardboard or anything....but it looked as if a screwdriver had stabbed the package. Puncture-wound straight through the cardboard, through the jacket, through the dust sleeve, through the record, through the other side of the dust sleeve, through the jacket, and out the other side of the cardboard. No fucking idea what happened. I got refunded on the purchase thankfully and found another copy of that record eventually, but to this day it's the strangest thing i've had happen.
  3. fixed, I feel like a bonehead for that mixup
  4. I really want to go.....but god DAMN that price tag. If i pull the trigger now, I will have less than $100 to my name until the 18th. I may end up making it down for a single day pass. Maybe Mineral and ETID will end up on the same day and I can knock both of those off of my list. I also back what @diabretic said, if anyone has any questions as to where you're staying or where to eat ect. i'm totally down to answer questions. if you're into baseball at all you should go visit the oldest standing ballpark in america, Rickwood Field, while you're in town it's fucking rad!
  5. and shouldn't be a big surprise to anyone, but Stretch Armstrong added as well
  6. Every Time I Die 18 Visions The Appleseed Cast just announced
  7. BLEAKER to me, they sound like a cross between Death From Above 1979 and Bikini Kill they're doing SXSW this year and I think they rip hard Insignificant Other fan-fucking-tastic power-pop Undeniably catchy Incredibly wonderful people Silver Fern softer indie-pop all kinds of fun guitar lines and bass lines with some hushed female vocals Forgot about this thread!
  8. pretty dern excited about this. that pressing of Kingprince sounded great. hoping this new stuff they've been working on (including Gabe from Northstar on drums also) gets a pressing as well.
  9. I need Every Time I Die, Snapcase, and Grade to get added to this....I have a feeling only one of those will happen though.
  10. Never caught The Juliana Theory back in the day.....but I do dig that album. Avail I also never caught back in the day. Not a huge AWK fan, though his live shows are fun as hell....and Comeback Kid I've seen more times than I care about at this point if I'm being honest
  11. The Label Mystery Circles put up a 12" comp for pre-sale Mystery Circles -- Compilation Vol. 1
  12. That is a GREAT question actually. PS that "new" Arkam release The Wippers.....i know it's kind-of a joke band for Joey....but I think it's the only release so far that I absolutely do not like at all.
  13. I'm pretty freaking jazzed on this. Wish I had $$$ when the initial tickets went up. Hopefully I will have funds to snag tickets when the next round goes up. I would be surprised if some of these bands didn't end up playing the Firehouse or Saturn for after-parties or pre-shows as well.
  14. was gifted some Elija Craig small batch last night...excited about digging in to it tonight
  15. my friends here in town all have crazy-ass collections....fucking rocket scientists....I get paid again on the 7th and if my local store still has a bottle of Willet i'm gonna snag one. Been sipping on my Eagle Rare and Weller Antique lately. Got my girlfriend a bottle of Basil-Hayden aged in Port Barrels. Got her mom's boyfriend a bottle of Angel's Envy. He opened up a bottle port he'd been saving since '94 for XMas dinner that was fucking insanely delicious. His collection is decent, but he's more of a beer guy. My friends with their crazy collections here in town often do tasting parties and make runs up to Kentucky every year to do a Barrel pick for their group of deep-pocketed bourbon loving friends.
  16. Yezzir! This is still my favorite album from them. Got to catch them several times back in the day out in Austin at SXSWs and in BHam at Bottletree. They were always super nice. Wish I had money to throw at this.
  17. Snagged this one. Tried to snag the Cursive but it was already gone. Thanks again!
  18. good fucking riddance. they couldn't even properly pack or ship their records on top of their piss poor quality.
  19. finally a black repress of the only two albums of theirs that I care for. been holding off on purchasing a copy of either one of these for quite a many years now.
  20. love this album, but i'm okay with the pressing i have. interested in hearing the remix though
  21. more than a 5" single of Gratitude is finally getting pressed? shit yeah! jazzed on it!