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  1. Old Bill is a name used for the police in the UK.
  2. It did but our Government traded our gold reserve for all known copies. When the shit hits the fan they're going to start slowly flipping them one at a time.
  3. Banquet have put this up now too, not sure if they're international shipping is cheaper or not http://www.banquetrecords.com/BSM132;jsessionid=3E64D74343DC174EC3B8644A5E421B1E
  4. Without t-shirt: http://www.bsmrocks....eel-and-blood-7 With t-shirt: http://www.bsmrocks....d-7-and-t-shirt
  5. I'm at work now, I'll try and get a pic posted tomorrow. Just a heads up they put a badge in the mailer so the sleeve was little dinged.
  6. Could I grab a cover from the store next time I'm in?
  7. I got my screen printed one on Saturday.

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