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  1. Shipping is priority mail which is zone dependent. If it’s $12, it’s most likely coming from opposite side of country. $6-7 means it’s in the same zone. I am guessing the cheaper shipping is for people on west coast?
  2. LOL at $9 for shipping. Had to say "no" after that..
  3. That it does....love me an empty cart over and over and over...
  4. Not sure how many followers there are here, but the pre-order for his new album is up on his site and other UK distros - Piccadilly, Rough Trade, etc. No info on pressing amount or variants at the moment. https://www.piccadillyrecords.com/counter/search.php?search=alfa mist
  5. Glad i checked this link before posting the Bandcamp link which was the standard repress. Thanks!
  6. Probably a stupid question, but this was the first time signing up for VMP. If I wanted both records of the month, i have to sign up for “two tracks”, correct? Then cancel one of them if I only want to choose from a single album in the following months? I assume I cannot sign up for De La and then just add Handsome Boy to my cart.
  7. I am familiar with the categories, but does this mean i wouldnt be able to pick up both by signing up? I would like to grab both of i was going to sign up, if possible.
  8. Yea..the VAT removal helps us considerably. Piccadilly has to be one of the best when it comes to shipping too. Ans the more you order, the better it gets which is something you cant say for most European shops online. My opinion anyway...
  9. Is there a reason people aren't ordering the color vinyl from Piccadilly? Its around 20 pounds with shipping to the US and it shows still available. I emailed them a week ago to confirm and they said they will remove it when its not.
  10. Strange? Mine was 56 AUD for 4 albums shipped to the US. Roughly $39.
  11. Both releases are available at the moment form the band's site....
  12. Do they ever restock items in their limited section? Or is it typically gone when its gone?
  13. Have to agree...album is killer. I think i have had 6-7 listens since 2 weeks ago. Contemplating that bundle on the site for $32.
  14. JPC order for all albums comes out to 89.09 Euro shipped ~ $103. Killer deal for 5 albums shipped across the pond!