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  1. Passing too—but stoked on the songs and will see them if they play shows (and probably buy merch).
  2. I’ve been wanting a live reunion for a long time now, new music is a welcomed surprise. Also seems very likely we’ll get some shows.
  3. I’m torn because the MOV version will likely sound better, but the other is not sanctioned by the band. Put the new one on tonight for the first time—great stuff!
  4. Kali Malone has a new record coming out next year, up for preorder on her Bandcamp. Expensive + expensive shipping to the US, but I feel like I’d regret not buying: https://kalimalone.bandcamp.com/album/all-life-long
  5. I can’t speak to whether or not they were tour exclusives, but they did have all 3 recent reissues. I got a little sticker shock at the prices of the shirts in particular, so I didn’t hang around the Merch table long. Show was phenomenal though.
  6. I’m glad I had no idea which bands these members are also in before listening. There’s no way I’d have given them a chance. New record is superb, though.
  7. Haven’t picked up anything of their’s since This Addiction. But mulling this over. I like song, but maybe it’s because it’s been forever since I’ve put them on.
  8. I kinda like the artwork. Has a 60s Italian b-movie vibe.
  9. I'm interested in picking up a Wiim Pro as cheap, but decent quality streamer. Another thing that interests me is the potential to perhaps connect it to a turntable and send the signal to a second Wiim Pro Receiver. Basically allowing me to listen to records in another room of my thick-walled apartment. Anyone have any experience with the Wiim Pro in any capacity?
  10. I remember Klatter coming out amidst New Album, Heavy Rocks (purple) and Attention Please and thinking it was way better than the rest. Need to relisten and probably order
  11. That was the feeling I got from the single. Need to listen, but I’ve liked everything they’ve done up to this point. I know a lot of people were meh on the last one, but I loved it.
  12. Ok. My knowledge of Karl Malone is limited to watching him play basketball when I was a kid. Kali Malone is pretty great on the other hand. This now a fuck Karl Malone thread. Fuck that guy.
  13. Also, big reach thinking people are familiar with…Kali Malone? Not sure what you’re going to get from this survey. I’m sorry to inform you that you are going to flunk.
  14. Way too random of a release list through the years. No way they prioritize anything I would like.
  15. Stream did not disappoint. Happy to grab this. They’re also doing a one-time pressing of Aperture of Pressing going up tomorrow as well
  16. Would’ve been an instant buy for $30 or under. But I’m passing.
  17. Hesitating on the price (but I know it’s kinda the way things go now.)
  18. Huge bummer. Took me by surprise yesterday. Very glad to have seen them live. He left behind many perfect albums.

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