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  1. Thanks for the link. My fav album of theirs and one of my fav albums of all time.
  2. I sold my earlier stuff and got the collection CD.
  3. Got the orange. Like the contrast with the blue cover. Everyone pick up any Killtime releases still in the store. They rock!!!!
  4. Looking forward to the album, but it's unfortunate that we won't get to hear those unreleased tracks since the 7" series doesn't seem to be the plan anymore.
  5. Love, love, love, love Four Cornered Night, but not a huge fan of the other 2. Already have an OG 4CN so I'll have to pass on this.
  6. Everyone should pick this up! If I already didn't have the OG (w/ OG cover that is) I would be on this too!
  7. Wow, the new song "Where I'm Going" is amazing. Best of the 3 so far. Has a Wolves feel to it (Especially the guitar solo which might sound familiar!). According to a photo I saw their manager post on IG a few weeks back, if they release any other songs before the album comes out it will be "Fast Track" as they were practicing 4 new songs to play live on tour. I am getting so stoked for this album and can't wait for the tour this Summer!
  8. I have a demo CD version of their album Too Shabby. It's just a CD-R of the album in a paper sleeve they gave to labels. Anyone know if there is any value in this?
  9. For anyone interested this is the easiest place to order the Japanese edition of the CD http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/WPCR-17728 The Japanese CD includes the 2 7" bonus tracks as well as an additional exclusive, Japan only song.
  10. With the Rancid album coming out this probably means we'll get the Transplants covers EP soon as well as the new Tim Armstrong solo album (which seems to be punk this time, not ska). Also LFATB s/t (with a possible live bonus recording (I would assume CD and digital only)) is coming out soon.
  11. Assholes like you are one of the main reasons I barely go on this site anymore. Just a bunch of uptight pricks to everyone.
  12. Got the deluxe version of the LP, the 2 7"s and the CD since the CD has bonus tracks!
  13. Great band, but gotta hold off for a little on this. When they did the collections LP I sold off my 7"s and surprisingly made a few bucks on them. Didn't think anyone would care on ebay haha.

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