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  1. In regard to the TEN acoustic pressing....here is what happened which led to me not taking pre orders on any albums anymore In 2011 we pre did pre orders for the TEN box set prior to them being pressed which inevitably sold out quick. When they arrived, one box (10 copies) we warped and the plant told us that the lowest run they could press was 50 copies and since they were already sold & everything else was printed we had no choice really, I had to make 50 more in order to fulfill those orders. so 10 people who ordered the box at the time actually that clear variant but i believe with the normal jacket along with a note explaining what happened. The final 40 copies I had nothing to do with so at the time patrick made jackets and they have more or less sat in my garage unless someone emails me asking if I have any leftover copies to which I usually explain what happened and ask to either trade or I have accepted $20 a few times. Many have been given out to people I worked with on graphic and helping me pack orders etc.... I did a 5 or 10 rsd bundle's on my site with a bunch of older stock in april which I also included one of these in each, along with a note to not post about it knowing people would freak out and mainly because my contract was for 500 copies and due to some being warped we ended up with 540. Regardless, as you can see most of them are still in my garage In regards to people bringing up the past drama of cartel, nfg, rx bandits etc..... All of which has been discussed and explained in the corresponding thread while they were happening. For the record, there are at least a dozen releases which I have been given the go ahead by the label or by whoever owns the masters and once I approached the band or management, I ended up backing rejecting the contract offer because they either weren't cool with it or had their own plans. Every single release I have approached members of the band and/or management to offer a way to work something out, be it an exclusive variant which I will sell to them at cost for web or tour or simply getting their input and approval on artwork layout and test presses. More often than not, the band's are fine with us pressing it and we work something out which benefits everyone based on the band's current situation. I always send multiple emails over the course of the process, starting when I get any sort of initial approval from the label prior to any contract being signed or anything being definite so if there is an issue then Its not a whole ordeal with the label. Basically once I get word that whatever album is available to license I then get in touch with the band, which specifically chad from nfg had issues with and he felt I should have approached them first. I very much understand both sides of that argument but in reality 75% of the albums I request to re-issue gets turned down by the label & approaching the manager or band members prior is a waste of everyone's time. Only a handful of you on here have licensed from a major label and needless to say, it is a very long and drawn out process, some releases have taken well over 2 years including some still in the works. Regardless, in those past situation with Nfg, 3eb etc....none of those releases ever ended up coming out via ETR because the artist's expressed having their own plans and that was the end of it. In regards to cartel & rx bandits, multiple members of the band and their management knew about it long before they came out but the full story of those are in those threads and given that I am trying to keep this short, dig it up if your interested In response to "flipping" records. As I stated earlier in the thread, that ebay account has been used a friend for himself and sometime for his parents stuff since i was a freshman in high school, before I had a credit card. You can see the account was started almost 15 years ago and has really high feedback which is why its still in use for some things. You can believe me or not but thats the truth in regards to that account. The fact that a life long friend of mine selling a handful of records on ebay spawning this entire thing is beyond me. Have I ever sold or traded records to customers/people via email or social media, Yes. The thing that no one in this thread is accounting for is the fact that almost every hot topic exclusive has over run copies which are sent to me which I am not allowed to sell on my site since they are hot topic exclusives. Once albums are sold out, sometimes people email me who got into vinyl recently asking if I have any extra copies of a particular release. As I am sure many of you have seen on various social media comments, i always respond to email me without hiding the fact that I do have a few extra copies of each release but again those more often than not over run copies. I also keep usually 5 copies of each variant (for ETR exclusive stuff) in case of loss or damage in transit and I need to send out another copy. That is also partially what the grab bag listing was for in the first place, to find "fun" way to get rid of the extra stock and overrun's while also getting rid of some releases which arent selling so fast. Contrary to what people may think, a decent amount of the grab bag's had and have oop stuff for under what they cost originally including tfot albums, soco, dustin kensure, rob zombie, hrvrd to name a few. On the bottom of the listing itself, it states to list which prior etr releases you had, if any for a reason. Not only so I don't give you a duplicate copy but also so I have some sort of an idea of what kind of music you like. I totally understand that I have pressed a variety of genres, some of which are hated by fans of others. I totally get why someone would be pissed at getting a good charlotte record if they arent into pop punk but without any indication of who you are or what else your into, its really hard to blindly choose and get you something your gonna be happy with.
  2. i am in the process of discussing a repress actually but nothing definite yet
  3. This one was started in 1999 when we were in high school and has such a high feedback that neither of us wanted to give it up.
  4. I am off vc for a few days and come back to a shit storm. Sorry, I have been mia but we had 3 releases go on sale last week and have been in the process of shipping out those orders. I checked vc a couple nights ago ago and didn’t see any of this. To set the record straight. It is an account which a bunch of my friends and I have used since 1999 hence it having a pretty high positive feedback. In the past some stuff for sale has been mine, some stuff has been my friends and some even my friends selling stuff for their parents(hence the meteorite up right now which I didn’t even know until someone pointed it out). Regardless, in this particular case for the etr albums sold on that account recently, None of those were mine. They were one of my friend’s who is a semi active member of the board and already commented/ admit to it apparently the other day. The hrvrd cd/dvd up now is mine and I had a descendants xmas sweater up a couple months ago which didn’t sell. It seems the same couple people clearly have issues with me, which is fine. Like I always say “Haters gonna hate”. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to me knowledge those people never purchased records from me in the first place. I hope that clears things up On a more productive note: To update anyone who has placed orders through the webstore in the last two weeks. I have been in the process of packing everything up and have mailed out 300 out of 600 or so orders so far with another 50 being packed up tonight. Sorry to everyone for the delay and hope everyone had a happy new year
  5. I am hoping to have the kevin devine albums mailed out by the end of next week but i am beyond swamped right now. Between the 3 releases that went on sale between last friday and this friday came out to over 500 overs (150 of which ive packed already). So sorry about the delay, I am going to try and get it out asap
  6. They use two labels and pieces of the second label are explode inside the album which creates a really cool effect plus most of them are clear with random colors scattered within. If you look on the large photo of the clear record with pink you can actually see pieces of the label pretty clearly
  7. The band's & solo artists arent going to be promoting it through social media until the start of the new year. I was able to post it a few days early for the vc board and etr followers on social media can get a bit of a head start especially for those seeking a label blowout
  8. There is no recording of the performance online currently to my knowledge and performance was also entirely remastered so even if you found a recording of the original cd given out at the show, the vinyl remaster will sound much better anyway
  9. We set aside a small amount for the band/artist and also for any copies which may be lost or damaged in transit so we usually list 25 less copies than available at first.
  10. This is correct. This particular album was never sold to the public on Cd or digitally . It was only given out on a burned cd to those people who attended the in store performance in 2009
  11. Im waiting for the producers of the bridge and tunnel soundtrack to confirm but I am thinking Noon Est most likely . Ill update the title once its confirmed
  12. Kevin Devine Recorded Live at Looney Tunes in West Babylon, Ny on 4/18/09 Vinyl Re-issue Limited to 500 Total copies across 3 colors variants Vinyl has been remastered specifically for vinyl and is housed in a gatefold jacket, each hand numbered out of 500 copies The ETR exclusive variant is pressed on Sky blue, Red and Bone tri color split with Leaf Green Splatter which was designed to resemble the storefront and is limited to 200 copies exclusively at EnjoyTheRide.Storenvy.com The Orange with orange splatter is limited to 200 and is available via Brookvale Records Webstore & at Looney Tunes Black is limited to 100 copies and is split between the ETR webstore & in store at Looney Tunes Each album also comes complete with a digital download code of the live performance Track Listing 1 Intro 2 Tomorrow's Just Too Late 3 Yr Husband 4 You're Trailing Yourself / Carnival 5 Another Bag Of Bones 6 Go Haunt Someone Else 7 Cotton Crush 8 I Could Be With Anyone 9 The Biggest Lie (Elliot Smith Cover) 10 Lord, I Know We Don't Talk EnjoyTheRide.Storenvy.com