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  1. In regard to the TEN acoustic pressing....here is what happened which led to me not taking pre orders on any albums anymore In 2011 we pre did pre orders for the TEN box set prior to them being pressed which inevitably sold out quick. When they arrived, one box (10 copies) we warped and the plant told us that the lowest run they could press was 50 copies and since they were already sold & everything else was printed we had no choice really, I had to make 50 more in order to fulfill those orders. so 10 people who ordered the box at the time actually that clear variant but i beli
  2. i am in the process of discussing a repress actually but nothing definite yet
  3. This one was started in 1999 when we were in high school and has such a high feedback that neither of us wanted to give it up.
  4. I am off vc for a few days and come back to a shit storm. Sorry, I have been mia but we had 3 releases go on sale last week and have been in the process of shipping out those orders. I checked vc a couple nights ago ago and didn’t see any of this. To set the record straight. It is an account which a bunch of my friends and I have used since 1999 hence it having a pretty high positive feedback. In the past some stuff for sale has been mine, some stuff has been my friends and some even my friends selling stuff for their parents(hence the meteorite up right now which I didn’t even know unti
  5. I am hoping to have the kevin devine albums mailed out by the end of next week but i am beyond swamped right now. Between the 3 releases that went on sale between last friday and this friday came out to over 500 overs (150 of which ive packed already). So sorry about the delay, I am going to try and get it out asap
  6. They use two labels and pieces of the second label are explode inside the album which creates a really cool effect plus most of them are clear with random colors scattered within. If you look on the large photo of the clear record with pink you can actually see pieces of the label pretty clearly
  7. The band's & solo artists arent going to be promoting it through social media until the start of the new year. I was able to post it a few days early for the vc board and etr followers on social media can get a bit of a head start especially for those seeking a label blowout
  8. There is no recording of the performance online currently to my knowledge and performance was also entirely remastered so even if you found a recording of the original cd given out at the show, the vinyl remaster will sound much better anyway
  9. We set aside a small amount for the band/artist and also for any copies which may be lost or damaged in transit so we usually list 25 less copies than available at first.
  10. This is correct. This particular album was never sold to the public on Cd or digitally . It was only given out on a burned cd to those people who attended the in store performance in 2009
  11. Im waiting for the producers of the bridge and tunnel soundtrack to confirm but I am thinking Noon Est most likely . Ill update the title once its confirmed
  12. Kevin Devine Recorded Live at Looney Tunes in West Babylon, Ny on 4/18/09 Vinyl Re-issue Limited to 500 Total copies across 3 colors variants Vinyl has been remastered specifically for vinyl and is housed in a gatefold jacket, each hand numbered out of 500 copies The ETR exclusive variant is pressed on Sky blue, Red and Bone tri color split with Leaf Green Splatter which was designed to resemble the storefront and is limited to 200 copies exclusively at EnjoyTheRide.Storenvy.com The Orange with orange splatter is limited to 200 and is available via Brookva

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