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  1. https://shop.revolvermag.com/products/every-time-i-die-radical-limited-edition-opaque-lime-lp?_pos=1&_sid=11b7eac18&_ss=r
  2. I figured it's probably just more standard black. I was surprised that there aren't still any vinyl still for sale on their webstore.
  3. New pressing coming 11/19/2021 according to SRC. I got an email newsletter from them which is why I am using their link. *TRIGGER WARNING* https://www.srcvinyl.com/brand-new-the-devil-and-god-are-raging-inside-of-me.html
  4. The Same Old Blood Rush got pushed back from 9/24 to 11/19. https://store.fueledbyramen.com/music/vinyl/the-same-old-blood-rush-with-a-new-touch.html
  5. US link for the Spotify exclusive. https://riserecords.com/products/sptbeb00ts-lp?ls=Z8NoG4vjRpehx1LIlU7IHQ
  6. So are they doing two releases this month since there wasn't a release for August? CIWWAF was announced in August but releasing in September. https://store.fueledbyramen.com/music/vinyl/fbr15-12-piece-vinyl-subscription.html
  7. So are they doing two releases this month since there wasn't a release for August? CIWWAF was announced in August but releasing in September. https://store.fueledbyramen.com/music/vinyl/fbr15-12-piece-vinyl-subscription.html
  8. https://silversteinstore.com/collections/all-products/products/redux-the-first-10-years-lp
  9. https://www.riserecords.com.au/spiritbox-eternal-blue-spotify-exclusive
  10. Well nevermind. I knew I should have posted this from another one of my profiles...
  11. https://store.rhino.com/final-hours-at-hammersmith-2lp-transparent-blue-vinyl.html
  12. That's just the mock-up. It's probably solid blue. That's what Amazon is selling. https://www.amazon.com/Eternal-Blue-Vinyl-Spiritbox/dp/B096TJMSCV/ref=tmm_vnl_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1631740647&sr=8-1
  13. Is there a standard black? I'm counting 15. 300 - Blue Cloud (Impericon exclusive) 300 - White in Clear Blue (Rock Sound exclusive) SOLD OUT 500 - White, Red, & Blue Smush (Revolver exclusive) SOLD OUT 500 - Blue Galaxy SOLD OUT 750 - Black In Clear Blue SOLD OUT 750 - Blue & Black Cornetto w/ signed jacket (Newbury Comics exclusive) SOLD OUT 750 - Tri-Color w/ Black Splatter (Newbury Comics exclusive) 1000 - Heavy Blue Splatter SOLD OUT 1000 - Blue Smoke SOLD OUT 1000 - White & Blue Smush (US indie retail exclusive) 1000 - Tri
  14. https://www.merchlimited.com/collections/spiritbox/products/spiritbox-eternal-blue-vinyl-lp
  15. Updated with two new variants and correct pressing numbers. 300 - Clear Smoke (Revolver exclusive) 500 - Bluey Lewis 750 - Honey-Hooked 500 - Black w/ Splatter (FYE exclusive) 500 - Cabin Splatter 500 - Good Guy Green (Germany exclusive) 750 - Creeping In The Dark 1000 - Rolex Gold 1500 - Love Hurts 3000 - Bloody Raincoat (Deluxe w/ two bonus tracks)
  16. Two more variants. Cabin Splatter limited to 500 and Creeping in the Dark limited to 750. https://store.fearlessrecords.com/products/ice-nine-kills-the-silver-scream-2-welcome-to-horrorwood-cabin-splatter-vinyl https://store.fearlessrecords.com/products/ice-nine-kills-the-silver-scream-2-welcome-to-horrorwood-creeping-in-the-dark-vinyl
  17. Just stumbled across this. It was previously listed as 24Hundred exclusive. Must be EU/UK as well. https://intl.fearlessrecords.com/collections/vinyl/products/underoath-voyeurist-powder-blue-lp It's also up at Banquet. https://www.banquetrecords.com/underoath/voyeurist/FEAR1841
  18. https://merchnow.com/products/v2/332465/self-titled-purple-2x https://merchnow.com/products/v2/332466/self-titled--black-2x
  19. I assume there aren't pressing numbers for these. They'll just press as many orders as they get in 72 months. May 2022 release date...
  20. https://equal-vision-records.myshopify.com/products/fot0manipb-lp?_pos=1&_sid=ab9f71bf3&_ss=r https://equal-vision-records.myshopify.com/products/fot0manipy-lp?_pos=2&_sid=09d7c1aff&_ss=r
  21. Two RFTC exclusives from Newbury. https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/rocket_from_the_crypt-group_sounds_exclusive_lp?variant=40614217121972 https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/rocket_from_the_crypt-live_from_camp_x-ray_exclusive_lp?variant=40614220824756
  22. https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/the_story_so_far-the_story_so_far_exclusive_lp?variant=40614210306228
  23. https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/the_story_so_far-proper_dose_exclusive_lp?variant=40614212501684

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