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  1. Excellent. Glad those got to you ok! Thanks for letting me know.
  2. awesome, thanks. that last round of mail seems to have gone slooooooowwww, just double checking.
  3. I found a few copies of the original pressing of this LP while cleaning some shelves. I've put them up for sale on the site, if anyone is interested. This record is going to be re-released on Relapse in the near-ish future, so this is your last chance to pick up the Hyperrealist release if any of you care about such things. Only 14 copies have been put up. www.hyperrealist.com
  4. I picked up the Moon soundtrack LP some time ago from Amazon myself. So good.
  5. Big Easy - Thanks. My only gifts this Christmas - a calendar and a gift card. Ha!
  6. I think fries are the only thing I've ever eaten in an Outback Steakhouse.
  7. It's been a few years since I've done one of these trades, so I figure I'll do it again this year! If you get gift cards for Christmas and hate it, drop me a line - if you've got something I'm interested in and we've got records you want, then let's work out a trade.
  8. Thanks, Jonesy. Ok, every order has been packed and shipped - at this point everyone should have received either a package or an email stating that it has shipped. If you've not gotten either of those, please contact me at pat[at]hyperrealist[dot]com. Thanks!
  9. I still waiting mine ordered the first day of the pre order lame I will never buy anything from him copter - anything yet? you should have had it by now for sure. hit me back or PM me.
  10. Tangent - you get it? Anyone else still waiting? Any international placed in the last couple of weeks will be shipping by this weekend.
  11. Thanks! Ok, I'll get to that shortly. Look for an email by the end of the week. Finishing up the last of some of the older orders right now.
  12. International orders are shipping now. Sorry those take us so long, but they really do take a lot longer for us to process due to paperwork and having to stand in line as opposed to printing postage and just dropping off boxes for domestic mailorder. Everyone who has ordered from outside the US should see something very, very soon. As usual, if you're inside the US, you'll receive a confirmation email the day it goes out. International folks, please be patient. I'm back at my day job and Andrew tours full time with Black Tusk, so there's not always someone on hand to take care of these things. Again, the reason we have Robotic Empire handling such a large percentage of mailorder for all of our titles... tak3n0prisoner5 - I still have a pile of returned Red Albums here waiting to be claimed. If you've still received nothing, PM me.