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  1. 14/20 Near Mint. No sleeve... $75 OBO
  2. We need a non picture disc repress of Don’t Know How to Party.
  3. $25 for Piper was super reasonable. Otherwise prices.
  4. Original pressings, all near mint, played only a handful of times. Make me offers, please. Standing on the Shoulder of Giants Heathen Chemistry Don't Believe the Truth Dig Out Your Soul I also have several singles from the same albums I'm willing to part with, I'll provide a list if there is interest.
  5. I agree. I refuse to pay a premium for this when it seems like it’s going to be “unlimited”. If I ordered this and expected maybe ten or twenty of these to be pressed and that’s not the case, I’d cancel my order too. I dont thinks its “shady” but they should be more straightforward when asking at least double for what a standard pressing costs.
  6. Ok, so all of the pink copies have a second disc with more material? Thats kinda cool. I wish I would have waited... now I have to learn to play guitar to put that strap to use.
  7. Oh nice, I have an original Take Them... but definitely interested in the other one.
  8. Yes! No brainer. I don't play music either, but fuck it, it's a vegan guitar strap so whatever. I guess it's time for me to learn to play guitar. One of my absolute favorite bands. 2018 is looking good so far. Now c'mon Ringo Deathstarr, your turn...
  9. Five albums in a year gives you nothing to grow to truly love, or anything to look forward to. I get impatient when my favorite bands take what I perceive as being too long to release an album (C'mon MGMT, your new singles are great!), but FIVE in one year! I like letting albums become favorites and looking forward to a new release. This also makes it a daunting task getting into them as a new fan.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I'll probably never listen to it, but at least I'll own it I suppose.
  11. Literally nothing. Usually there's one or two things that I would consider must haves, but there is NOTHING on this list that appeals to me, other than the ATDI, but that's just a "first" release so I imagine it should be easy to get. Maybe the Sundays too. Fucking Toto AGAIN? WTF??? Who's making this list?
  12. Less psych, more darkwave or new wave. Pretty good. Let's see if the rest of the album follows suit.
  13. The lamination on the art prints for The Pale Emperor has very badle bubbled and flaked off. It's not just my copy, someone else on the Hoffman forums posted a picture of theirs and the same thing happened. As I'm sure most people haven't looked at their prints since they received the record two years ago, have a look. It sucks.
  14. So we get a 4xLP set of the Skyrim music, but STILL NO ELDER SCROLLS VI??? Ugh...
  15. Congratulations is the Slider of this decade. I'd like them to do more of that. Though a few of the really bizarre songs on the last album worked well. A New Sadness or whatever it's called was really good!
  16. Has anybody received their copies from the second batch that went up? Mine shows that it shipped on 9/9 but it was never Picked up by usps.