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  1. Crowd straight up highjacked the show twice with those CM Punk Chants... they were REALLY loud during the womens segment.
  2. so happy theres finally a US pressing of self titled. put a pre-order in from amazon.
  3. Crossing my fingers for a US pre-order.. need self titled to complete the collection.
  4. Had the day off, ordered a pizza... delivery dude handed me my pizza and the mailer with this in it.. all in all a good day!
  5. cfrancese5

    Blink-182 - California (Out Now!)

    Spinning my copy from amazon... sounds great love the record.
  6. cfrancese5

    The Mondo Records Thread - Show Posts Anyway?

    Pretty excited about this! I can't be the only one can I? DISTRIBUTED TITLESWet Hot American Summer. Music by Craig Wedren and Theodore Shapiro, plus original tunes by Peter Salett, Craig Wedren and Mr. Blue & Chubb Rock. Housed in a gatefold jacket. Includes digital download card. Mondo Exclusive Colorway, pressed on Campfire colored Vinyl. $27
  7. albums really growing on me.. wish the lyrics were better though.
  8. Ordered smoke and got black... honestly it doesn't matter to me but seriously how hard is this shit to get right?
  9. Really love the first track.. lyrics overall on this aren't drawing me in at all.. Need to spend more time with this though.
  10. Raw was strong again last night... I am really interested to see where they're going with Roman and AJ... it almost feels like they're booking Roman as a Heel
  11. This was such a subpar year for RSD releases IMO.. I am surprised that Bull Moose's site is still crashing.
  12. Seriously it's amazing how many people are hurt.. Loved NXT last night btw so good.
  13. I have a copy of this I got years ago that came with a t shirt... it doesn't sound great and the packaging was odd. but it does the job. Glad people will be able to grab this though.