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  1. RT @youngerusyo: tie dye or die https://t.co/HY1wdoSUOi

  2. kleiner hund ist klein https://t.co/5lst6gvnGx

  3. i need money to get my car fixed, everyone loves merch so here you go: http://iamsellingsomeshit.tumblr.com
  4. i am forever working on my saddest landscape collection & i am still looking for the following: tsl/pianos become the teeth - split - black w/ white stripe tsl/ we were skeletons - split - on clear blue tsl/ funeral diner - split on black tsl/ if footmen tire you, what will horses do? - split on turquoise tsl/ the pine - split a promise was made on pink a promise was made on black all is apologized for. all is forgiven on 180g black w/ tour cover cover your heart on red cover your heart on clear lift your burdens on coke bottle green w/ painted leaves lift your burdens on coke bottle green lift your burdens on black lift your burdens on brown sound of the spectacle on black sound of the spectacle on grey sound of the spectacle on white sound of the spectacle on black (eu) sound of the spectacle on yellow you will not survive on black you will not survive on white w tour cover the bonus 7" (or the whole collectors pack) i am not really trying to collect all tests as that would be madness but if you have any & you think about selling it, let me know if you have any of these or know anyone that does, please pm me on here or shoot an email to [email protected] thank you
  5. just giving you a bump because i want you to have all of them so i can see a picture of the collection & pity myself for not having money
  6. i am selling a few TA copies that i don't really need pm or email ([email protected]) me with offers if you are interested: PTSBBAM - 1st Pressing Green Marble /300 PTSBBAM - 2nd Pressing Red /2900 PTSBBAM - 3rd Pressing (?) w Jacob Bannon Tour Cover /500 BBC Live white BBC Live Transparent Orange TA/MDAM Split SOUND & FURY Edt. 64/150 i also have a copy of the new converge record on yellow that i might let go i also have a copy of cover your heart by the saddest landscape on cream that i don't need i am looking for everything THE SADDEST LANDSCAPE related thanks
  7. if anyone is selling their gold copy, i am veryh appy to buy it off you
  8. im going to that show with some friends that dont collect so we could buy one each if there are any left does anyone know how much they are? i heard the converge tour edt is 30 pounds
  9. im gonna see them but it wont be before the 22nd of december so very unsure if there are any left