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  1. I mean that's running a risk of not getting it though. I'm shocked the 3 copies we had left when I posted this were still around.
  2. We ended up getting one per store and they went quick obviously. Something tells me there was less than that out there.
  3. Hey All, Looking to blow out the few remaining copies of some Black Friday releases so we've knocked down the prices of pretty much everything but a few items that actually showed up this week. Have a look at whats left over at http://www.1234gorecords.com/recordstoreday
  4. As a store owner myself I disagree that larger stores should be serviced at the expense of smaller stores. It basically sets a dynamic that keeps the bigger stores bigger and the smaller ones smaller. If that was in place my shop wouldn't be anywhere near as successful as we are because everything would just go to Amoeba and we'd be left with ones and twos. This Plaid Room thing is plain weird. That is way more copies than anyone should receive in any situation barring the band playing there or something crazy like that and I intend to ask what the story is with the RSD folks
  5. Something is definitely fishy. Is the owner of Plaid room affiliated with RSD directly at all?
  6. That's true of everyone and still would not account for a haul that large. Not only are they supposed to communicate but even across the handful of distributors combined they should not have been able to amass that many if allocation was happening correctly.
  7. More National and Tune Yards should be hitting the store maybe today or monday. Matador screwed up and shipped it ground so we're still waiting on it.
  8. I'm very curious to hear why Plaid room had all those copies. That should not be happening.
  9. Got extras of both available tomorrow at 5am http://1234gorecords.com/recordstoreday
  10. Check us out tomorrow at 5am http://1234gorecords.com/recordstoreday
  11. Got both ready to go tomorrow at 5am PST! http://1234gorecords.com/recordstoreday
  12. No one but Third Man got more than 1 unfortunately. Third man got backlogged pressing the new coldplay so they only got 500 of the Patsy done instead of 3500 and they kept 400 for their stores.