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  1. We're over halfway through the orders now. Looking good to be finished before the week is over or shortly after. You will receive an email from us when your order ships with tracking. No need to follow up with us. If you have not received an email check your spam folder it may be there or your order has not shipped yet. We are shipping in the most efficient manner possible which may not always be "First in first out" so don't panic if you ordered on Sunday and haven't seen anything yet. You will very soon. Please do not call us irate that you got a tracking number but USPS has no info for you. This happens on occasion because they every so often don't scan the package when they pick it up. It is in the system and the tracking won't update until someone scans it again. Likely when it's delivered. There isn't anything we or you can do about it so please don't get mad at us.
  2. Hey, that's a super rare mispress now! They'll probably take returns on it so it'll get rarer as the days go on!
  3. Thank you so much. I literally worked 24 hours straight yesterday into this morning including a full counter shift slept for 3 hours and got back at it and I've been so stoked on the responses in the shop and from you guys on here. Every year we try to learn from what does and doesn't work and come back stronger the next year and I feel like we've been able to do that going on 10 years running for RSD and 11 as a store. Thank you again. I really appreciate it.
  4. I'll agree but also to be fair I wish I had known about the limitations of items per page earlier and I could have made it crystal clear to begin with. Part of the difficulty this year is how late things showed up. Normally we have this all completed weeks in advance so it's all set up.
  5. We have a ton of stuff up. www.1234gorecords.com first two pages under "mail order". Squarespace wont let you have one page with more than 200 items so it had to be broken up. You can place one order though. It's just divided alphabetically.
  6. It's whatever one came out in the US. We got our info from RSD and they fucked the description and photo up.
  7. Hopefully everyone figured out it's divided in to two pages in the mail order tab. Squarespace doesn't allow you to have one page with more than 200 items so we had to separate them
  8. So we're going to have some pretty significant qty's of some RSD heavy hitters in a few hours. We kinda got screwed over by a distributor who for some reason decided to send a couple pallets of stuff Ground instead of Overnight. Our bum out is your stoked! We know exactly how much and of what title are coming so we've listed the inventory. We expect to receive these pallets on Thursday or Friday of this coming week and will jam the orders containing those items out over the weekend as quickly as possible. That said we've got a ton on hand right now too so those orders will leave straight away. We're dealing with a new web store and shipping system so this should go really fast. Keep your eyes peeled on our website at 5am PST and give us all your available money. Thanks everyone!
  9. Thank you so much! We put forth a lot of effort and I really appreciate hearing stuff like this.