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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I think we have this corrected now if you go back.
  2. Not an insult at all. This is the first year we're using this particular webcart system so we're happy to catch wherever the bugs are. If you could, empty your cart, hit refresh, try again and let me know what you see then.
  3. That doesn't seem right at all. Which two records are you trying to get? I'm sure we can get that corrected.
  4. Leftover BF releases are now HEAVILY discounted. We only have 1's and 2's left of most of this and we're trying to close them out. Check out what we've got left over at http://1234gorecords.com/blackfriday2018/
  5. Still going strong at http://www.1234gorecords.com/blackfriday2018
  6. Hey All, Our leftovers go up at 5am PST over at http://1234gorecords.com/blackfriday2018/ We've moved this stuff over to a squarespace store and can now accept cards and paypal. Should go even smother this year!
  7. We've still got a TON of great releases on hand if you're local and if you're anticipating a some good pick ups tomorrow at 5am!
  8. If you're interested in going to the John Doe show/signing I would get in on that pre-order ASAP. We have very few slots left.
  9. Hey All! We've got some cool stuff going on this weekend we wanted to tell you about if you're in the bay area and a small change being made to our post RSD/Black Friday mail order system. MAIL ORDER FOR BLACK FRIDAY LEFTOVERS First of all since I think most of you count on us for mail order of these sorts of things we have changed our webcart system this time out. We can now accept paypal AND credit cards for all orders placed at http://www.1234gorecords.com/blackfriday2018 . It's a typical squarespace store system so it's super easy to use. Should be a lot smoother than years past. We have everything we'll have left scheduled to hit the store at 5am PST and it will all go up at once so there won't be any confusion or difficulty in ordering. We have staff on hand to start shipping Saturday morning and we should be able to clear them out really quickly. I think for the most part our reputation precedes us on quantity and quality so make sure to set your alarms! BLACK FRIDAY Both of our shops will be open from 8am to 8pm. We have over 100 BF RSD releases on hand and starting Friday through the end of the weekend all of our markdown LP's are buy one get one free. There are a TON of great records in there right now with more being added this week. It's just stuff we ordered too many of or hung out in the store just a little too long. Even if you don't care about this RSD stuff it's a good idea to come by and check this out. SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY WITH JOHN DOE! The inimitable John Doe will be with us playing live at 2pm on Saturday November 24th for Small Business Saturday! John will be performing a solo set and doing a signing of the limited edition “Kid Doe” 12” EP that is being released for Black Friday this year. By pre-ordering a copy with us you ensure your place inside our venue space for the show and signing. Space is limited and so are copies of the EP so pre-order today. Please print out your receipt and bring it to the store on either Friday November 23rd or the day of the event Saturday November 24th to pick up your record. No copies will be shipped. ORDER NOW CLICKING HERE! Punk legend and X co-founder John Doe has spent decades building a career that spans across various genres and even formats, with dozens of acting credits in fi lm and TV. Particle Kid is the musical identity of singer-songwriter, musician, and visual artist Micah Nelson, who - despite his young age - has an equally impressive resume. The two have played together at Willie Nelson's Luck Reunion festival and the iconic Pappy & Harriet's in Joshua Tree, CA, as well as sharing the stage for a tribute to The Doors at the Founders Award ceremony. On this split release, the two artists cover each others' tunes with their own interpretation. As a bonus, John Doe covers a Carter Family favorite, and Particle Kid covers outsider folk hero Michael Hurley. The release is mastered at 45RPM and pressed on a 12'' gold color LP, exclusively for Black Friday. Come see us at... 1-2-3-4 Go! Records Oakland 420 40th Street #5 Oakland, CA 94609 1-2-3-4 Go! Records SF 1038 Valencia Street SF, CA 94110
  10. 2nd press of the tape is just about sold out. Running through the Blue vinyl pretty fast as well. Don't expect it to last through August if you've been holding out on ordering this. Third press of Blu Ray/DVD is coming in soon but we've got copies on hand now if you still need one.
  11. Because of overwhelming demand we have repressed the 2xTape of the soundtrack(now on Yellow, limited to 300!), brought back the mega combo AND are offering a Blu Ray+DVD & 2xTape combo pack! Get them while you can at http://www.1234gorecords.com/turnitaround