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  1. New pre-order went up this week, check it out. https://joylessyouth.bigcartel.com/product/pretend-circular-raesoning-cassette-tape-pre-order FFO: Post-rock, math-rock, free-improvisation stuff. Maybe some American Football vibes even.
  2. Yes. Let down once again by Koz post-Benji. BUT: I think if there's one songwriter who's earned the right to fuck around for the rest of his life and mumble mundane bullshit into a microphone for indie-fest kids it's the guy who made Down Colorful Hill, Rollercoaster, Bridge, Ocean Beach, Ghosts of the Great Highway, etc. In his prime, he was without question - the actual greatest songwriter to ever live, fight me. Still not paying actual dollars for this one. I was however, more than happy to pick up the reissue of Ghosts last week though.
  3. My tape label's first thing dropped last week, and it's a phenomenal record that I would go out of my way to praise even if I weren't obligated to. Which I guess I'm not. But it is awesome. Label-wise: Heavy, heavy focus on slowcore, lo-fi space rock and maybe even some 90's emo-revival stuff. This first one specifically is FFO: Codeine, Duster, Bluetile Lounge, Planning For Burial, crying https://joylessyouth.bandcamp.com/releases https://joylessyouth.bandcamp.com/releases https://joylessyouth.bandcamp.com/releases https://joylessyouth.bandcamp.com/releases https://joylessyouth.bandcamp.com/releases It's /100, white shells, hand-everything'd, choice of two J-card variants, uniquely printed obi's, obligatory auto-download included, the works! It'd mean a lot if some VC people thought it was cool, let me know. I will continue to run it into the ground either way, though. Thanks for looking!
  4. Evening, gents. "Mamaleek will be playing the bands first ever show May 2nd opening for Dead Cross at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. New album coming this year." HYYYYYYYYYYPE.
  5. Oh, and I think my negative feelings for Sunbather are probably well documented on VC. I'm over all that. Shit's good.
  6. Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished. Religious-experience level good, but yeah, a hard swallow. Also probably Modest Mouse in general.
  7. I haven't been on this site in like 2 years, do we still like rekkids? (missed u all)
  8. Still doesn't crack the top 10 most poorly written things I've seen on Pitchfork.
  9. God, how far out of the loop am I? I liked KNY's art direction! Anyways, I'm calling it now: Marbled lavender variant, probably Hot Topic.
  10. We're talking album TITLES, right? Because I completely love White Pony.
  11. Still iffy on the title, but the trailer has me doing somersaults. Cannot wait. Honestly, the only Deftones album title that I really love is Koi No Yokan.

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