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  1. drownmeinestrogen

    FS: Circa Survive- Juturna picture disc

    Having a hard time financially lately and decided to take offers on my copy of this. Can send pics upon request.
  2. All right, made this thing a set sale. Read the first post for all the details.
  3. All right, I haven't bumped this in a while because I ran out of mailers, but I just got 50 of them in the mail recently so I'm ready to sell some stuff.
  4. Devil and God and Donnie Darko soundtrack sold. Haha, honestly, of all the stuff on that tradelist, that's probably the absolute last thing I'd ever let go of.
  5. Blue Sky Noise, Koi No Yokan and The Season have been sold. Hot Fuss, Terrorhawk, Dig Up The Dead, and The Moon and Antarctica are all pending.
  6. Hey, because I've had a lot of people already message me about NIN, DATH, etc., I figured I'd just let y'all know that those are records I may just end up taking to eBay, because I'm looking to get as much as I can out of them. I'm willing go below eBay/Discogs prices for those records for people on this site, but not by very much. Not trying to be shitty or anything, but those are records I never thought I'd sell, and I wouldn't be considering it at all if I weren't genuinely in need of money.