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  1. alt screen print cover /250 http://www.knucklepuckil.com/products/678990-20-20-vinyl-w-limited-edition-screenprinted-cover
  2. I downloaded Vimeo on my Roku TV and watched it that way. Just search “Dear Jack” and the full thing is on there. And yeah I enjoyed it! I didn’t know the full extent/timing of his leukemia, so it really puts that aspect of his life into perspective.
  3. Watched Dear Jack last night, and discovered that about Tommy Lee lol. Never knew that!
  4. Cool! Also saw Chad reply to someone in the comments that they’re currently working on Catalyst and Coming Home presses. Stoked for that as well.
  5. That is absolutely ridiculous lol. I haven’t been emailed about a gift yet, but at this point I really just don’t care anymore. I was lucky to get a red copy of DED so I’m content with never dealing with sandbag again.
  6. Yeah the only numbered cover came with a slipmat. It was up for a short period, and then taken down pretty quick. I remember thinking that was weird. I can’t seem to upload a picture from my phone though lol, unless I’m missing something.
  7. Did anyone else order the bundle with the slipmat and alternate cover? Can’t seem to find that on the Merch Limited product shipping page anywhere like the other bundles.
  8. Yeah the price point sucks. But I couldn’t miss out on this. This record came out at an awesome point in my life and holds so many good memories! Love this record. /100 sold out now as well
  9. https://smarturl.it/ValenciaDWAG first pressing: 100 bone w/ orange & black splatter; 200 black inside clear color-in-color; 200 bone, tan, clear tri-color Presented in three unique vinyl variants and housed in gatefold packaging, Dancing With A Ghost receives the deluxe presentation it has always demanded. The artwork has been completely re-imagined by guitarist Brendan Walter, and sees the inclusion of an expanded eight-page insert and bonus 7” EP comprised of alternate version tracks. These additional songs, never released before, are taken from the original recording sessions and only available in this first time pressing. Also available is Enjoy The Fruits, a limited edition coffee-table book curated and designed by the band. Enjoy The Fruits is a career spanning look into the world Valencia with over 100 pages of content drawn from not only the bands personal archives, but from the archives of their families, friends, fans, and crew. The over-sized coffee-table book is strictly limited to a one-time printing in a soft cover matte edition. “Enjoy The Fruits... can mean many things, but mostly it forces you to stop and be grateful for what you’ve accomplished and enjoy it for a god damned second.”
  10. Awesome! Thanks man. Sold my gold copy years back like 2015 I think. Regretted it ever since lol
  11. Can someone tell me what it was? Missed the IG story lol.
  12. Yes, same problem here as far as the shrink wrap. But once out of the shrink wrap, if you open up the jacket, they should slide in far enough at that point.
  13. Bought the Speak The Truth “...even if your voice shakes” 7”. The release on the jacket is written “even if it kills me” lol. Love motion city soundtrack anyways, and it gave me a good laugh. And the custom jackets for all the test presses are awesome. Nothing but love for Bad Timing Records.
  14. anyone else get this email? I’m totally fine with a blood red over bone white lol. Hey there We are writing with an update regarding the order you placed for the Dogs Eating Dogs bone white vinyl on the official blink-182 webstore. Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient stock in the bone-white color variant to fulfil your order. However, we can offer you the blood-red variant instead. Can you please let us know if you are happy with this exchange or whether you would prefer a refund? Please accept our sincere apologies for any disappointment this may have caused. Kind regards
  15. Got the same email a few days ago haha. Also having trouble getting a refund for my order they charged me for, where I never got the email confirmation. Being super stubborn about it. Gonna have to open a paypal dispute 🙄. I realllllly got boned on this one after seeing everyone get their 2 copies still lol. So if anyone ever feels the need to offload one of their swirls, I’ll gladly buy it.
  16. Still waiting on shipping/fulfillment. Between this and DED by blink, the waiting has sucked lol. 🙄
  17. so I got a reply after 9 days. They completely missed the point of my email saying I had no email confirmation, and they sent me tracking info about a COMPLETELY different order lol.
  18. Submitted a ticket the day they went on sale, haven’t heard anything since. Guess I’ll submit another ticket. What a shit show.
  19. Dang!! No shipping here yet. Anyone else not received shipping yet?
  20. Cool cool. Didn’t want to have to worry about ordering in this mess again.
  21. “We will, therefore, be refunding all orders with multiple copies so that only 1 of any variant is dispatched.” does that mean we are partially refunded, and only get 1 shipped? Had ordered two myself. Or does this mean full refund, and we’ll have to reorder to try and get 1?
  22. Still haven’t gotten a refund, so fingers crossed. Otherwise, I miss out on my whoopee cushion too 😨
  23. Had one in my original order with the swirl vinyl that’s in limbo right now. Really hope it pulls through for the cushion.