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  1. Idk if I’m missing something or not (I also had ordered from here), but now I can’t find it anywhere on their website — is this a reliable site in the past for anyone?
  2. Love Handwritten! Came out at the perfect time in my life to be a top album forever, personally. As others have said, just happy they’re back and excited for whatever comes next.
  3. Nice!! All in for this one. Is that noon eastern? Need to make sure with the work schedule lol.
  4. Delayed to mid-October lol. “Thank you for pre-ordering William Ryan Key- Everything Except Desire- on vinyl. We have just received an update that the vinyl has been delayed in production. They are not set to arrive at our facility until the middle of October. Orders will ship as soon as possible after the vinyl arrives at our facility.”
  5. https://absolutemerch.com/collections/city-lights 10 year anniversary repress
  6. Was this already for sale and unavailable now? Saw release date says 11/1/21
  7. The release date initially said July 2021 on the PO page lol. It’s changed now.
  8. Well, if anyone bought an extra pinwheel by accident.. hit me up!! Stoked for this release.
  9. Missed Anywhere but Here in the checkout, sadly. But yeah I wish there was a little more heads-up lol.
  10. Anybody know when the Live press is shipping? No longer a member on Pillar.
  11. Hate bumping this thread, but most likely no one would recognize the band name otherwise ha. Joe has a new project called Narrowcast. and they released their first EP recently. Different sound than Transit, so don’t expect that lol. Pressed on a 7” here. https://head2wallrecords.bigcartel.com/product/narrowcast-phenomena-7 100 on Clear w/ Blue, Lavender, White, and Black Splatter Vinyl 200 on Black Vinyl
  12. Not that one. Live tracks from XOXO. I might be going crazy lol, but I swear I saw it when they released a bunch of other products like the shower mat and bubble/fidget toy on the Pillar store. It was black vinyl. May have been the /250 variant, but I swear it said live and only listed a few songs in the track list.
  13. Did any of y’all get a chance to order the live record before it sold out? Had maybe 5-6 songs from the album. Really wish I hadn’t missed that
  14. Wasn’t it supposed to come with the CD as well? I got the instrumental album in a purple sleeve, but not the actual album on the limited edition CD
  15. Has anyone else received the box set? Got mine today, and I feel like it’s missing something lol. And for the life of me, I cannot find an image/description what all was supposed to come with the normal box set (the $129.99 one; not the deluxe $199.99)
  16. Mine is still: “Payment Received - Awaiting Shipment”. I’ll shoot a message as well!
  17. Looks like that new signed variant is sold out now too.
  18. Just had a successful check out with Dine Alone now. Keep trying I guess 🤷🏽‍♂️
  19. https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/242078/augustana-live-recorded-from-a-livestream-event From IG: “once the preorder demand has been met, physical production will begin. Expected delivery date July 2021” AUGUSTANA-LIVE (RECORDED FROM A LIVESTREAM EVENT) was recorded live in December of 2020. The concert recording was a long awaited arrival for fans of the band, who’d never released a live album until that point. In a solo performance setting, Dan Layus plays through some of the most well loved music from the groups catalogue in a chronological order. The concert is intimate and authentic, nuanced and powerful. He makes the songs feel experienced and lived in, and cements a moment into a recording that mirrors what he’s done on stages across the world for so many years. This LP marks Augustana's first vinyl release in over 10 years.
  20. https://www.toneden.io/the-maine/post/xoxo-box-set-test-pressing-contest?referrer=46411464 this one worked for me when I tried

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